Devoteam seals deal for AWS partner Ubertas Consulting

18 June 2024 3 min. read
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Devoteam has expanded its AWS expertise with the acquisition of a UK-based cloud business. Ubertas Consulting joins Devoteam to make one of the leading AWS consultancies in the UK.

As a fast-growing subsidiary of internet giant Amazon, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. The platform enables clients to grow businesses through alignment with its sales, marketing, funding, capture, and proposal teams.

With the appetite for digital services having boomed during the pandemic, AWS’ cloud products have experienced heightened demand – even after the lockdown era came to an end. This has also led to a booming demand for consultancies who can help firms get the most from the technology.

Devoteam seals deal for AWS consultancy Ubertas

Founded in 2007, Ubertas Consulting is a company specialising in assisting UK based companies across all industries with migrating and modernising complex or legacy applications on AWS. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, the firm is recognised by AWS as having leading skills in the field, as well as being part of the AWS Well-Architect Framework (WAFR) programme, which involves reviewing client environments ensuring they adhere to AWS best practice. 

This positioning led to attention from Devoteam; a technology consulting firm specialising in cloud platforms, cybersecurity, data, and sustainability. With over 12,000 employees across the EMEA region, Devoteam has guided companies through a sustainable transformation for over 30 years, and already boasts a team of 450 AWS experts. It has also been an AWS Premier Consulting Partner since 2013 – with key outfits in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. 

The addition of Ubertas to Devoteam’s offering strengthens this AWS expertise even further. This targeted acquisition strengthens Devoteam's position as a leading AWS provider across the UK, according to a release from the firm. At the same time, the new integrated organisation is positioned to scale to meet the rising demand for AWS solutions in the region, empowering businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Bruno Mota, Group Vice President of Devoteam A-Cloud, commented, "I’m thrilled to unveil the acquisition of Ubertas Consulting, marking a significant milestone in Devoteam's growth trajectory and commitment to deliver unparalleled cloud solutions across EMEA. This strategic move reinforces our vision to provide enhanced customer value through expanded knowledge and an unwavering business focus Looking ahead on driving innovation and transformation in the Cloud computing landscape.”

Bringing together two expert firms with a shared commitment to delivering outstanding AWS solutions, the move will benefit Devoteam, which gains access to new go-to-market services and an unrivalled reputation in the UK market. But Ubertas also benefits from the deal, and Devoteam's broader service portfolio, global reach, and industry-leading expertise.

“Over the past six years, Ubertas Consulting has become recognised as a leading AWS delivery and consulting partner, and today we take another giant step forward as we join the Devoteam group,” John Lacey, co-founder and managing partner at Ubertas Consulting said.

“I am thrilled and proud to be part of the Devoteam as I know together we will add more value, as well as technical and business-edge to the solutions and services we deliver to our clients, whatever stage they are at in their AWS cloud journey.”