Roland Berger reaches milestone with 50th Office

27 July 2012 2 min. read
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Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has opened two new offices in North America: its 50th office in Montreal (Canada) and 51st in Boston (V.S.). The new offices are part of the growth strategy that the 220 Roland Berger Partners kicked off in late 2010, after the last-minute collapse of the merger with Deloitte. Part of the growth strategy is a renewed commitment to the North American market.

Growth strategy after the called off merger with Deloitte

Since the failed merger with Deloitte Consulting in November 2010, Roland Berger has been working hard to achieve organic growth. Roland Berger opened consulting firms in India, Manama and Bahrein in early 2011, and in mid-2011 a strategy consulting firm in the Lebanese capital Beirut. Later the same year, offices were opened in Doha, the United Arab Emirates and Lagos (Nigeria). In February 2012 the firm also expanded to Seoul, South Korea.

Roland Berger offices

5 offices in North-America

“We are pleased that, with Montreal and Boston, we now have more than 50 Roland Berger offices around the world,” says Martin Wittig, CEO of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. “Our strategy for expanding the North American businesses is paying off!” Roland Berger has been active in North America for ten years now, with presently five offices: New York, Detroit, Chicago, Boston and Montreal.

Growing demand for strategy consulting

However, the strategy consulting firm is not only growing in America: “Roland Berger's excellent global positioning can be attributed to our 220 Partners, who with their 'Plan for Growth' have stepped up their investment into the firm's development,” says Wittig. Since then, this strategy has been paying off especially in the core markets, e.g. Germany, France and China. Roland Berger has been able to strengthen its presence in other regions as well, such as Scandinavia, Southeast Asia and Africa. Here the consultancy firm has won a key market share compared to its competitors. “We will continue to push this growth in the coming years,” states Wittig.