Avanade launches new generative AI service line

17 July 2023 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read

Early adoption of artificial intelligence technologies could give businesses the edge on their competition, but many firms are not sure where to start. A new set of services from technology consultancy Avanade will help organisations and their people responsibly work and innovate, using AI.

Recent research suggests that North American companies have been quick to adopt new technologies such as generative AI, and believe they are already reaping the rewards. This could leave European companies missing out on opportunities worth $3 trillion over the next two years, if they cannot close this emerging technology gap.

Even as the importance of generative AI technology rises to the top of the corporate agenda, however, firms may be blindsided to the risks, by the apparent opportunities. According to the Trendlines report from consulting firm Avanade, while 85% of organisations expect AI to increase revenue growth by 2025, just 36% of business and IT leaders were completely confident that their organisation currently has sufficient checks and balances in place to mitigate the potential risks and harms of AI. Meanwhile, 48% admitted to not having specific guidelines and/or policies put into effect yet for responsible AI.

Avanade launches new generative AI service line

Avanade’s new offering looks to help companies address this. Combining assessment tools and frameworks, the services from the Microsoft solutions provider aims to help clients to prepare their people, processes, and technologies for AI use.

Designed to expedite business value derived from AI, while cultivating an AI-first mindset, Avanade’s AI Organisational Readiness Framework provides a comprehensive assessment of an organisation's business and IT areas. This includes detailed insights into AI readiness across people, processes, and technologies, which can help leaders plan actions to mitigate AI’s risks, including executive coaching, and tailored employee training. At the same time, a "AI control tower" with cloud-based tools, dashboards, and knowledge resources is also accessible to clients, helping them monitor and respond to issues quickly.

Jillian Moore, the global head of advisory at Avanade, explained, “There is no end-point to AI readiness. As generative AI continues to reshape the global business landscape, the importance of adopting an AI-first mindset cannot be overstated. To seize the growth opportunities of AI and mitigate risks for unintended consequences through continual change, leaders need to consider more than the technology implications of AI.”

Avanade – and its parent group, Accenture – are regularly recognised among Microsoft’s global partner of the year awards. A provider of digital, cloud and advisory services, industry solutions and design-led experiences across the Microsoft ecosystem, Avanade has 60,000 professionals in 26 countries.

The firm has been quick to adapt to the rise of generative AI technologies, helping it to assist clients with their adoption from the earliest possible moment. To continue boosting its workforce capabilities via generative AI, Avanade has been working with Page Group on augmenting its workforce capabilities through the power of generative AI.

Alex Bates, a managing director for group data, insights and activation at Page Group, added, “The real power of AI is how it can supercharge the vast knowledge and experience of our people. It’s helpful to have a framework to help us to learn fast, so we can prioritise actions that enable our people with AI and harness the business value of the technology in a secure and transparent way.”