Atos launches Technology Consulting advisory portfolio for C-suite

11 July 2023 3 min. read
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Global IT services firm Atos has launched a new grouping of offerings, aimed at tech-savvy executives. The firm’s Technology Consulting label will enable C-suite clients to leverage existing and new technologies to achieve their business objectives.

“We are building a modern, attractive and compelling service for our clients,” explained Aleksandra Tyszkiewicz head of Atos’ new service portfolio. “Technology Consulting will focus on showing organisations the exact direction they should move in, identifying risks and opportunities. All of this is included in our portfolio of services – from assessment through strategy development, to a roadmap showing how to achieve it all.”

Technology Consulting is being launched as part of Tech Foundations – the Atos Group business line which focuses on managed services, such as hybrid cloud infrastructure, employee experience and technology services. Tech Foundations boasts 52,000 employees in 69 countries, with an annual revenue of €6 billion. According to Atos, just shy of €1 billion of that came from what will now be termed as Technology Consulting.

Atos launches Technology Consulting advisory portfolio for C-suite

The news of its launch came at a meeting in Paris, in June 2023, when Atos announced a redefinition of the Tech Foundations’ portfolio, to better address key customer priorities. First launched in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK, Technology Consulting will now operate on a global scale, advising clients on how to make the most of digital processes by aligning IT decision making and implementation with business strategy.

As part of Atos, Technology Consulting begins life with a global footprint to help clients deliver at scale, while also being able to create customised digital journeys thanks to its local presence and client proximity. In other words, according to Tyszkiewicz, the brand can “think global but act local,” with its wealth of experience from around the world being used to build a consistent step-by-step partnership.

This experience includes knowhow from throughout the entire Atos ecosystem, including technology partners, hyperscalers and the academic world. Technology Consulting’s team will deploy this expertise to help executives to maximise potential gains from generative artificial intelligence, data, analytics, automation and Internet of Things, among other key technological trends.

Atos Global Head of Technology Advisory and Customised Services Stéphane Richard added, “Technology Consulting builds both on Atos’ business insight and IT expertise and leverages proven methodologies, global capabilities and local touch. We are doers — leaders in employee experience for instance — with hands-on experience demonstrated by long-term customer relationships that average more than 20 years. Technology Consulting supports the multidisciplinary nature of digital transformation and ensures technology is fully leveraged, acting as a solid foundation for ever-evolving business strategies.”

Founded in 1997, Atos is a European multinational information technology service and advisory company with more than 109,135 employees globally. Its scale and experience mean it is regularly tapped for technology and consulting services by some of the world’s largest private and public organisations.