Deloitte Digital opens Edinburgh studio, 3rd in UK

08 March 2016 2 min. read
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Deloitte Digital is continuing its global expansion with the launch of a new studio in Edinburgh. The studio will meet local demand for combined technology, creative and consulting expertise – as well as provide a ‘greenhouse’ space in which clients and Deloitte Digital expertise can mingle.

Deloitte Digital has made headlines recently, following its acquisition of US-based creative agency Heat. The Big Four’s consulting, creative and technology studio – developed in response to demand for a complete solution to meeting changing customer needs – has seen impressive organic and inorganic growth since its inception in 2012. Today, the studio has revenues of more than $1.5 billion and employs more than 26,000 in 100 countries. The studio’s UK footprint tellies more than 1,700 people from studios in London and Belfast.

Demand for technological solutions, embedded within creative designs from the Scottish public and private sector clients, has increased, as companies and organisations seek to provide beautifully responsive streamlined services for citizens and customers alike – as well as leverage the wider potential cost savings and efficiencies through digital solutions.

To meet the growing demand, Deloitte Digital recent announced it would enter the Scottish market, setting up a footprint in Edinburgh. Over the coming five years, the firm intends to increase staff levels in the region to 70. Additionally, Deloitte Digital is opening a space called the ‘greenhouse’, where business acumen, technological prowess and creative power can help clients develop “disruptive, innovative and transformative solutions”. Deloitte will seek to hire creative, technology and consulting talent to staff the new studio.

“Clients bring us their challenges, we reimagine their future. To us, the question is about much more than ‘being digital.’ It’s about how we use digital to inspire engagement, preference, and loyalty from people. It’s about how we transform behaviours, services and organisations,” says Angela Mitchell, the Deloitte Partner in Scotland. “To do that, businesses today need a different kind of partner – one that tears down the traditional model of creative, tech, and business services-in-silo. Deloitte Digital is creating a new model – we’re an agency and a consultancy.”