Palladium and National Parks win award for Revere initiative

21 July 2022 2 min. read

A partnership between Palladium and UK National Parks has been recognised at the 2022 Business Green Leaders Awards. The project named Revere was lauded at a ceremony in London, when it was awarded Nature-based Project of the Year.

The UK is seeing first-hand the importance of sustainability and biodiversity at present. As scientists continue to warn of record levels of water-way pollution, the importance of restoring natural habitats across the country cannot be overstated. Functioning ecosystems supply oxygen, clean air and water, flood prevention, pollination of plants, pest control, and wastewater treatment – all fronts on which the UK has encountered issues in recent years.

Revere is an innovative venture, aimed at making it possible to restore natural habitats with private capital. Launched October of 2021 by a partnership of Palladium and UK National Parks, its ambitious plans have already made an impact with green industry experts.

Palladium and National Parks win award for Revere initiative

As a result, the project has scooped the Nature-based Project of the Year prize at the Business Green Leaders Awards (BGLA). In their explanation of the award, BLGA’s judges noted that they were won over by Revere’s “hugely ambitious” vision to mobilise much needed investment in “protecting and restoring nature across our treasured national parks.”

In a short space of time, the team behind Revere has already progressed to finding solutions to tackle the biodiversity crisis in 15 national parks, through the sale of ecosystem services. Having already secured financial backing from major investors including Santander UK and the Estée Lauder Companies UK & Ireland, Revere is working with landowners and farmers to design nature restoration initiatives that will improve the biodiversity across the locations.

A number of design and implementation projects are now on the cards. These include restoring huge swathes of degraded peatland that will seal off greenhouse gas emissions in Cairngorns National Park, and planning woodland creation models that could help sequester carbon and mitigate flood risk in the North York Moors National Park.

Jose Maria Ortiz, Palladium Managing Director, explained, “It is critical that we do something before it’s too late. The progress that we have already made is a testament to the people involved – both colleagues and stakeholders – who are committed to finding ways to reverse the biggest environmental challenge of our lifetime. And for this to be recognised by industry peers at such an early stage of the project is extremely rewarding.”

Consulting firms across the UK are becoming increasingly involved in the drive to rewild Britain’s countryside. BJSS recently announced a programme to restore 125 acres of Yorkshire Dales, while last year, B Corp consultancy Re_Set established a new partnership with Rewilding Britain, to help restore the country’s biodiversity.