Buchler Phillips and Airline Management Group launch aviation offering

01 July 2022 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read

As the aviation industry faces a host of challenges, the demand for external expertise in the sector is on the rise. Catering to that, professional services firm Buchler Phillips and Airline Management Group are collaborating to offer the aviation industry a new business consulting suite.

Buchler Phillips is a corporate recovery, turnaround and restructuring firm from the UK. The firm’s expanding offering also includes business advisory work in a wide variety of sectors. The company already boasts particularly strong credentials in real estate; retail; financial services; transport and logistics; UK sport; leisure and hospitality; manufacturing and engineering; technology, media and entertainment. Now, it stands to move into a new area, via a partnership with Airline Management Group.

David Buchler, Chairman and Founder of Buchler Phillips, said, “Our partnership provides the critical balance between operational and commercial implementation with the intellectual understanding and strategy to restructure the balance sheet. This combination is a key differentiator in securing a sustainable outcome for airline and aviation businesses in need of support.”

Buchler Phillips and Airline Management Group launch aviation turnaround offering

Despite the growing enthusiasm for international tourism in the coming three months, aviation has struggled to bounce back from the pandemic. A sluggish uptake of business travel, a slow vaccine roll-out, and staffing issues, have seen airlines facing huge losses – and as debt collection from the lockdown period continues, some need drastic turnaround support if they are to survive.

The International Air Transport Association estimates that airline industry debt levels increased by more than $220 billion to over $650 billion during the pandemic. This enormous burden is compounded by ongoing cost pressures, exacerbated by war in Europe, global inflation, higher interest rates, and a requirement to focus on investing in a net zero future.

Airline Management Group is a UK based company which helps develop and implement complex airline and aviation industry projects around the world. Together with the turnaround expertise of Buchler Phillips, the two firms will undertake turnaround, performance  improvement and start-up projects worldwide for the aviation sector.

Commenting on the new partnership, AMG’s CEO Peter Davies said, “The industry has found itself continually striving to manage change – and often failing. Our joint venture combines operational, strategic, and financial restructuring skills that enable stakeholders to successfully address many of the deeply rooted issues that have been compounded by Covid-19.  We’ll be providing a unique service of not only demonstrable skills in understanding the issues, but the key implementation dexterity necessary to deliver success.”