DuPont Sustainable Solutions adopts new brand: dss+

28 February 2022 2 min. read

Global consultancy DuPont Sustainable Solutions has further signified its independence and expanded capabilities with the changing of its corporate identity. The firm now operates as dss+.

Getting some early mileage out of the new name, CEO Davide Vassallo commented on the firm’s site, “DSS+ is more. DSS+ is a community of very diverse people, which can help you solve your environmental issues, your safety issues, your operational issues. At DSS+ we empower our clients to save lives and create a sustainable future.”

“DSS+ is a modern organisation that has the ambition to pull things together, and help all of us to create a more sustainable world. To put in very simple words, our clients are able to work safer, smarter, and with purpose.”

DuPont Sustainable Solutions adopts new brand: dss+

With over 1,000 professionals in 40 countries, dss+ is an advisor in operations and health & safety.  The firm had already been helping to make the world a safer place for clients for decades, collaborating with and implementing solutions for companies around the world, before it began life as an independent firm.

The mid-sized international consultancy was previously a division within DuPont’s Specialty Products division, primarily working with companies in industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, mining and metals and manufacturing. Among the firm’s portfolio of offerings are operations management, workplace safety, compliance and healthcare compliance, innovation, and learning & development.

In the years since dss+ completed its management buyout, it has gone from strength to strength. Backed by private equity, the firm booked organic growth and closed the purchases of Lodestone Partners in Canada, Sofies Group in Switzerland and KKS Advisors in the US.

The company’s new branding is aimed at reflecting the firm’s expanded capabilities, its commitment to protect, transform and sustain client operations, and its independence. Vassallo added the move also reflects the importance of ‘purpose’, which is “central to everything we do at dss+”, and reflects a continued commitment to “creating a sustainable future and positive impact for future generations.”

Late 2021, dss+ cemented its status as the world’s leading consulting firm for environment, health & safety (EHS) services, for the fifth consecutive year.