Capgemini joins Tax Incentivised Savings Association

11 December 2015 2 min. read
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Capgemini Consulting has joined the Tax Incentivised Savings Association (TISA), an association of professional services firms seeking to leverage technological initiatives in the financial services industry. The consultancy will work with TISA to accelerate its clients’ transformation and drive business success.

The Tax Incentivised Savings Association was founded in 1986 as a none-profit members association of financial services industry players. The firms taking part in the association are involved in the supply and distribution of savings and investment products and services. TISA members have worked with some of the UK’s largest public clients, including government, regulators, HMT, DWP and HMRC, in a bid to improve industry and customer outcomes. In recent years, the association has been promoting digital improvements among regulators, including initiatives such as digital signatures.

Capgemini Consulting joins TISA

Capgemini Consulting will join the members association in part to further the technological needs of its clients seeking to implement multi-channel processes and technological transformations, including innovation of their customer and analytics capability, or transformation of their customer and digital experience and processes. The firm believes that “we can help clients in the sector to accelerate their transformation and drive business success, working as part of TISA.”

Explaining the reason for joining TISA, Alan Walker, Head of Financial Services at Capgemini Consulting, says: “We’ve seen the Retail Distribution Review, Retirement Freedoms and the continued customer and regulatory driven change impacting customers, digital propositions and processes. The financial services sector will require continued change to improve efficiency, reduce costs and drive improved customer engagement, particularly across multiple channels.”

Alan Walker and Rod Bryson

“We are already very successful in supporting a wide range of banking and insurance clients, and we are also committed to supporting long-term savings and wealth clients across the banking, insurance and asset management sectors,” adds Rod Bryson, Principal of Wealth, Long Term Savings and Insurance at Capgemini Consulting. “2015 has been an important year for us to develop our presence in this sector and we see TISA being a core component of this.”