11:FS adds Google Cloud partnership to technology offering

11 November 2021 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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11:FS, a consulting and professional services firm for the financial services industry, has agreed a partnership with Google Cloud for its 11:FS Foundry product. 

Through its 11:FS Foundry product (a financial services operating system), 11:FS helps build digital banks, as well as assists traditional banks, neobanks and non-banks to scale their fintech offerings.

“Google’s open source cloud software and artificial intelligence expertise lays the foundation to grow financial services further and complements our 11:FS Foundry capabilities,” said Simon Taylor, one of the co-founders of 11:FS and Chief Product Officer of 11:FS Foundry.

11FS Foundry partners with Google Cloud11:FS Foundry is already hosted on Google Cloud’s platform to expand global reach with enhanced security and encryption, but the partnership aims to help differentiators in the busy fintech market stand out from the crowd using the cloud. “11:FS Foundry has already helped businesses launch new financial services propositions swiftly and at scale and partnering with Google Cloud will provide a clear solution for embedding finance into their product set.”

“Adding fintech to an offering and embedding finance can boost an institution’s revenue by up to five times. Google Cloud is the ideal partner in our mission to help banks and non-banks alike build game-changing financial products,” said Taylor.

“The financial services industry is undergoing immense transformation and we are excited to partner with 11:FS,” said Adrian Poole, Director of Financial Services at Google Cloud. “The focus to build intelligent customer solutions fit for the modern digital landscape, while using best-in-class infrastructure from Google Cloud will support banks on their digital transformation.” 

Founded in 2016, 11:FS helps institutions across the financial services landscape with five different labels: advisory services (11:FS Consulting), consumer and market research (11:FS Research), industry benchmarking (11:FS Pulse), core banking technology (11:FS Foundry), and content and events (11:FS Media).