Consultancies Hixsons and Agility Insights partner up

09 November 2015 2 min. read
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Business advisory firm Hixsons and management consultancy Agility Insights have partnered up to offer a consultancy service that provides UK businesses access to management techniques and UK consultants access to mentoring solutions.

Founded in 1982, Hixsons is a UK business advisory and accountancy firm based in Bournemouth, Dorset. The firm specialises, among others, in providing strategic planning, profit improvement, tax mitigation strategies, accounting and auditing to small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

Agility Insights is a Switzerland-based management consulting firm founded in 2002. The business advisory offers business mentoring services for leadership teams of local, national, and global organisations around the world that want to tackle employment engagement, innovation, restructuring and leadership issues. 

Consultancies Hixsons and Agility Insights partner up

Under the partnership, the two firms will provide businesses in the UK access to proven global management techniques, as well as offer individual UK consultants the opportunity to embrace the innovative diagnostic mentoring solutions developed by Agility Insights founder Lukas Michel. As part of their collaboration, the partners will early next year deliver the first Agility Insights Diagnostic Mentoring master class in the UK.

Diagnostic Mentoring
The Agility Insights Diagnostic Mentoring master class certifies experienced leaders, coaches, educators and consultants for Diagnostic Mentoring. The accredited Diagnostic Mentors help their clients “develop the capabilities for managing people and organisations where traditional approaches have lost their impact”, while utilising the tools, models and approaches of Agility Insights.

Lukas Michel and Nick Hixson

Commenting on the partnership, Hixsons founder Nick Hixson, says: “Agility Insights provides an exciting fresh perspective in management consultancy that far outshines traditional management approaches in terms of relevance, results and speed.” He goes on to say that “Agility Insights fully embraces these restrictions and employs diagnostic mentoring to navigate businesses through these difficult times.”

Michel adds: “Hixsons share our passion for management innovation and understand the complex marketplace that organisations are now operating within. Nick, in particular, is keen to utilise global good practice for the benefit of UK businesses and we are delighted to have such a dynamic individual on board.”