L.E.K. joins 2030 net zero drive of consulting industry

05 July 2021 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read

L.E.K. Consulting has become the latest UK consulting firm to join the race to be net zero by the end of the decade. The firm aims to have offices powered entirely by renewable energy in as short a timeframe as practical.

As pressure mounts on the public and private sector to take quantifiable action to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, recent years have seen a growing number of major consulting firms declaring themselves to be ‘net zero,’ or to be aiming for as much within a short amount of time. The latest firm to join the call to action is L.E.K Consulting.

“Like our clients, we are keenly tuned in to the importance of reducing carbon emissions to society overall,” said L.E.K. Global Managing Partner, Stuart Jackson. “We acted early to understand and address the impact of our carbon footprint, and we are continuing to strive for industry-leading environmental practices by constantly refining our approach to monitoring carbon emissions, being transparent in reporting them and planning initiatives that advance our sustainability goals as well as our clients’.”

Commitment of countries to net zero

According to recent research from the advisory firm, only an estimated 27% of the world’s countries have yet to commit to net zero drives. With pressure on that remainder – and its resident companies – set to grow consultancies like L.E.K. stand to play a key role in helping the decarbonisation of the economy.

The global consulting firm has subsequently pledged to achieve net zero carbon emissions in its operations by 2030, embarking on a programme to both reduce significantly the greenhouse gas emissions that result from its operations and to invest in initiatives that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. While L.E.K. has been carbon neutral since 2008, thanks to the offsetting of its emissions via the purchase of carbon credits and supporting greenhouse gas reduction initiatives, a new strategy will now be deployed to further reduce its footprint, and engage employees.

One way L.E.K. aims to do this is by transitioning offices that are not already powered by renewable energy transferred to sustainable sources as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, it will encourage staff to adopt principles and practices that reduce their carbon emission – relating to travel, hybrid work arrangements, or firm and client events. On top of this, employees will further be targeted by a network of “green” committees in each of its offices, charged with creating avenues for employees to participate in the company’s sustainability efforts, as well as helping develop initiatives that reduce carbon footprint.

Jackson added the firm will “endeavor to continue and expand intimacy with our clients but take steps to decrease our emissions.” Beyond reducing the firm’s own emissions by asking “certain questions” before traveling “that we may not have in the past,” this will see the firm’s sustainability experts work with clients to help them develop their own carbon reduction plans, adapt to new industry dynamics and put sustainability at the heart of their strategies.