10 consultants in Top 100 influential LGBT executives

21 October 2015 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read

OUTstanding in Business and the Financial Times have released their ‘Top 100 most influential LGBT executives’ ranking. The list is topped by Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyd’s of London, and contains 10 professionals active in the professional services industry.

The ‘Top 100 most influential LGBT executives’ list is an annual ranking released by OUTstanding in Business, a UK-based non-profit networking group that campaigns for LGBT rights in the workplace, and the Financial Times. The list recognises leaders that have had a large impact on promoting a LGBT workplace, both within their own organisation and in the broader UK business community.

First publicised in 2013, the top 100 ranks executives and leaders across a wide range of industries, based on the influence and impact they have had on welcoming LGBT individuals, as well as on their recent significant achievements.

10 consultants in Top 100 most influential LGBT executives

This year’s list is topped by the CEO of Lloyd’s of London Inga Beale. “She has […] been instrumental in the launch of Pride@Lloyds, an internal LGBT employee resource group, and has supported LGBT insurance employee network LINK.” Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas Airways, is found on second place and Antonio Simoes, CEO of HSBC Bank, on third.

Consulting industry

In the top 100, ten executives from consulting firms are to be found, with Claudia Brind-Woody, Vice-President and Managing Director of IBM, securing the highest spot on fifth place. She is closely followed by Beth Brooke-Marciniak, Global Vice-Chair of Public Policy at EY (#7) Sander van ‘t Noordende, Group Chief Executive Products at Accenture (#10) and Liz Bingham, Partner at EY (#11).

LGBT allies

In addition to the top 100, the researchers also created a top 30 of most influential ‘allies’ – friends, colleagues and employers who make it their duty to create safe, inclusive workplaces. Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook, secures the #1 spot.

Greg Case - Steve Varley - Lis Brown - Nancy Ngou - Sharon Thorne

The list also contains five allies from the consulting industry. The highest ranking goes to Greg Case, President and CEO of Aon, found on seventh place.

Steve Varley, Chairman of EY, secures a #13 spot, Lis Brown, Managing Director of Accenture, a #18 spot, Nancy Ngou, Partner at EY Advisory, the #20 spot and Sharon Thorne, Managing Partner of Deloitte, is found on #22.