Baker Consulting & The Norris Group form Baker Norris

15 October 2015 1 min. read

The US-based consulting firms Baker Consulting and the Norris Group have joined forced to form Baker Norris. The new firm will leverage and synergise their respective parts to provide broader set of capabilities to their clients drive real business results.

Baker Consulting is a US-based consulting firm, founded in 1999. The firm provides global clients with a range of services, including strategy consulting, deployment, support and training services. The Norris Group is a small consultancy specialised in, among others, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

The announcement that the two firms will join forces sees the formation of a new firm and brand: Baker Norris. The new firm will synergise their respective offerings to provide current and new clients with a comprehensive set of services that enable innovation, outsourcing, technology strategy and implementation services. Tom Norris, CEO of The Norris Group, will join as Partner and co-founder, while Chuck Baker, CEO of Baker Consulting, will head up the new firm as CEO.

Baker Norris

Commenting on the merger, Baker says: “We are thrilled to have the Norris Group join the Baker Consulting family. With this combination our organisation provides the most comprehensive integrated suite of strategic consulting tools and technology; industry insights and research; and development solutions to help businesses thrive. We want to be the world’s most respected provider of objective consulting and implementation services. The Norris Group takes us a big step closer to realising that vision.”

Norris adds: “Baker Consulting and its seasoned leadership team have done a fantastic job building a solid and successful operation that provides superior innovation services to the market,” says “I’m confident that by merging the two firms we can deliver a more comprehensive solution to our clients.”