Buck Consultants International advises US firm Fortitech

28 January 2011 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read

The American company Fortitech hired real estate consulting firm Buck Consultants International (BCI) in 2011 to advise them on the location choice. Based on the advice of BCI Fortitech decided to open a new factory near Poznan in Poland. The new plant was necessary for Fortitech in order for them to serve its growing customer base in Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa. Fortitech currently has a factory in Gadstrup, Denmark.

The American company Fortitech develops and produces nutrients (vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals such as omega acids) that are added as premix to more than 30,000 food, beverage and pharmaceutical products.

Buck Consultants - Fortitech

Location Choices

Buck Consultants International supported Fortitech on the location selectionprocess: “Making a good location choice means organizing a transparent process where you start with a large number of countries and regions, and end with a preferred location" said Nicholas Waaning, senior adviser at BCI and manager of the Fortitech project.  Analyses on a wide variety of factors were done, including Western European regions. Together with colleague Stan Caluwé he visited and also examined a large number of regions, partly together with the project team of Fortitech, after which the final choice fell on the Poznan region. The new location offers a good combination of availability of sufficient skilled labor at competitive costs and proximity to markets, which are also easily accessible. 

Fortitech CEO satisfied with advise from BCI

Walter Borisenok, CEO of Fortitech, is excited about the new location. "This plant will become the second largest factory worldwide for Fortitech. A special milestone during a year in which we celebrate our 25th anniversary."

Borisenok praised the support of the consulting firm: "The BCI team completed the project within a tight schedule. The reports always were adequate with a mountain of information, but well presented, so we could always take the next step. We are now building the plant and have not stumbled upon any surprises. Everything is in accordance with the analysis and forecasting of BCI. That actually is the biggest compliment I can give Buck Consultants International".