Larry Jobsz appointed Managing Partner of Buchler Phillips

12 January 2021 2 min. read
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Buchler Phillips has named Larry Jobsz as its new Managing Partner. Bringing more than 30 years of experience to the role, Jobsz will now work closely with Chairman David Buchler to help the restructuring firm make the most of a boom in demand for turnaround services in the UK’s struggling economy. 

As the effects of the recession caused by Covid-19 continue to be felt across all industries, restructuring is one of the few areas of business still to be thriving. With a spike in corporate turnaround projects and administrations set to continue well into 2021, many professional services firms are increasingly depending on their restructuring arms for new business in the coming months, while consultancies specialising in such work are enjoying keen demand. 

Buchler Phillips is the UK’s oldest independent corporate recovery and restructuring firm, and as it looks to meet the needs of more clients this year, it has announced Larry Jobsz as its new Managing Partner. The news will see Jobsz continue to lead significant assignments for clients, while also assuming day-to-day responsibility for running Buchler Phillips,working closely with co-founder and Chairman David Buchler, and the firm’s partners, in order to direct its growth strategy.

Larry Jobsz appointed Managing Partner of Buchler Phillips

Congratulating Jobsz on his promotion, Buchler said, “Larry has been a huge part of our firm’s history and now has a pivotal role in guiding its future. He is a superb practitioner, a valued Partner and a great manager, so I’m delighted to be able to hand him the reins of day-to-day control. This promotion will help Buchler Phillips to manage its expansion amid significant demand at present for our services in restructuring, turnaround, administrations and insolvency, working with both corporates and individuals.”

Jobsz has spent more than 25 years with Buchler Phillips, joining the firm in 1994. Since his arrival, he has specialised in working with troubled companies to establish best-practice internal disciplines in the areas of compliance and crisis management. In 1996, he used this expertise to help build a department within the firm that not only operated as an internal auditor, and effective safety net for clients, but as a means to progress logjams of insolvent estates to closure.

Prior to his life with Buchler Phillips, Jobsz commenced his professional services career at Deloitte in 1989. There, he worked on several insolvency projects in the airline industry, including the liquidation of Laker Airways, where he was responsible for compiling the statutory closure for the Laker Airways Group of companies. Meanwhile, he has also worked continuously as an Associate Member of R3, the trade association for corporate rescue, recovery and restructuring workers in Britain.