Kearney punches above its weight in Global Diversity List

30 November 2020 3 min. read

The Global Diversity List is an annual list published in The Guardian that celebrates leaders in the field of diversity and inclusion. In the 2020 edition, more than 100 organisations and individuals globally are recognised for their excellence across the eleven different categories, with one company stealing the show: Kearney.

The list of winners spans every conceivable industry, and includes the likes of Bank of America, Disney, Facebook, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, McDonald’s, Morgan Stanley, Nokia, Shell, Vodafone and Zoom. It is however Kearney, a strategy consulting firm with ‘just’ 3,500 partners and staff worldwide, that managed to take home the largest number of plaudits, punching above its weight in between the many corporate giants and the top representative from the consulting industry.

An overview of Kearney leaders that feature on the Global Diversity List 2020:

Alex Liu, Remko de Bruijn, Tiffany Hickerson, Beth Sehgal , Erik Christianson Chaillot and Rodey Wing

Alex Liu

Managing Partner & Chairman of the Board
Winner in the category: Senior Executives
Alex Liu is clear that business success depends on diversity, equity and inclusion. Liu uses voice, power and resources to act against social discrimination and racism.

Liu: “I’m delighted to have been recognised in this year’s Global Diversity List 2020. Our unique differences make us stronger together, and I’m proud to be leading efforts with Kearney for a more inclusive workplace and community.” 

Remko de Bruijn

Partner in the Netherlands
Winner in the category: Diversity Champion
Remko de Bruijn has championed diversity for many years at Kearney, chairing the People, Care and Development Committee and via the Europe DEI Steering Committee. 

Tiffany Hickerson

Vice President in the US
Winner in the category: Diversity Consultant
Tiffany Hickerson is an experienced diversity consultant creating long-term value for Kearney’s clients and communities, integrating supplier diversity into their strategic sourcing programs.

Beth Sehgal

Executive and Leadership Team Coach in the US
Winner in the category: Diversity Professionals in Industry
Working at Kearney to secure social and racial justice commitments, Sehgal also brings modern inclusion training to Kearney’s consultants. 

Erik Christianson Chaillot

HR Manager for Australia and New Zealand
Winner in the category: HR Diversity Champion
Erik Christianson Chaillot champions diversity through new and impactful HR approaches, from gender affirmation support to extended parental benefit eligibility. 

Rodey Wing

Partner in Canada
Winner in the category: Diversity Champion
Rodey Wing has been a rallying force behind the Proud Network at Kearney for many years. His ability to inspire has helped many diverse employees to succeed.

Adding to its roster of awards, Kearney also bagged prizes for three of its diversity and inclusion networks: Black@Kearney (which represents the company’s commitment to the recruitment of black people), Proud Network (the firm’s network for LGBTQ+ visibility, ally engagement, intersectionality, and LGBTQ+ recruiting) and Women’s Network (one of Kearney’s longest-standing networks, committed to recruiting, advancing, and supporting women).

According to research from McKinsey & Company, diversity matters. Companies that are top performers in gender diversity enjoy a 21% higher financial return than their underperforming peers, while this premium was found to be 33% for ethnic/cultural diversity. In particular diversity in management teams can make a large difference, as per another study by rival Boston Consulting Group.