Elixirr's Indaba platform helps companies with safe return to work

22 October 2020 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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International management consultancy Elixirr has launched Indaba, a new blockchain-powered platform that helps businesses with safely bringing their staff back into their office.

As the UK struggles to stave off a second wave of the coronavirus, and the Government places different regions back into lockdown, Elixirr’s multifaceted Indaba solution looks to offer a timely alternative to another nationwide shut-down.

Elixirr leveraged its consulting, digital technology and creative teams to design a solution for this problem, leveraging it’s innovation network to identify and work closely with multiple software and hardware suppliers* to create an end-to-end solution.

Combining a blockchain-based health passport with desk-booking systems, Indaba aims to provide businesses and employees with all the tools necessary to make the best decisions around their health and provide for a safe return to the office. 

The platform includes Covid-19 testing, health questionnaires, temperature scanning, facial recognition, hands-free access, desk booking, air and surface cleaners, in a holistic combination of hardware, software and physical equipment.

After staff take a one-time baseline Covid-19 test at home with quick turnaround, Indaba will inform them of results, determining whether it is safe to go into the office. Then, using a desk-booking system, the platform enables teams to organise their time together in the office securely, while hardware will read the temperature of office attendees, before allowing seamless entry via contactless turnstiles.

Once at their chosen desk, ‘air scrubbers’ will clean both the surfaces and air of pathogens and bacteria, explained a statement of Elixirr, a London-headquartered listed consulting firm.

Indaba is modular, meaning that companies can pick and choose the features that best serve their needs. The platform is scalable “for businesses of any size, from 100 to 100,000,” and can be used out of the box in combination with existing software and hardware, or plugged into an existing app.

Elixirr itself is already using the platform successfully with its own team in its London office.

* Suppliers involved include: Kings Secure Technologies, openpath, HIKVISION, The GetChkd Health Passport, myLAB Box, Global Sourcing Specialist and JLL.