Sue Almond joins Grant Thornton as Head of Assurance

10 September 2015 2 min. read
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Sue Almond has re-joined Grant Thornton as Head of Assurance. In her new role for the firm, at which she had a 21 year history, Almond will work with the firm’s leadership to consider the social and commercial responsibilities firms have in their wider social and economic environment.

Sue Almond joined Grant Thornton UK in 1988, where over her 21 years at the firm she worked her way up to the level of National Assurance partner. In 2009 Almond changed her surroundings, joining Kreston International in the role of Director of Quality and Professional Standards. After two years she moved to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to take on the role of Technical Director, before being promoted to the role of the firm’s Director of External Affairs in 2014. In her last role at ACCA, Almond led a team whose aim was to make clear to the public, policy makers and employers, the added value to society brought about by professional certified accountants. 

Almond holds a Bachelor degree in Mathematics from Durham University.

Sue Almond - Grant Thornton

Almond will re-join Grant Thornton as Head of Assurance, to be based at the firm’s London office. In her role, Almond will work closely with the firm’s leadership on promoting and achieving quality and excellence in what the firm offers, as well as consider the social and commercial responsibilities organisations have in the broader social and economic fabric.

Commenting on the appointment, Paul Etherington, Quality and Professional Affairs Leader at Grant Thornton UK, says: “Providing best-in-class assurance services is vital to the wider restoration of trust and integrity in public markets. […] Sue’s considerable experience, coupled with her dynamic skill-sets and unwavering professionalism, go right to the heart of what Grant Thornton stands for and we look forward to welcoming her back to the firm.”

Almond adds: “Grant Thornton has always been a dynamic organisation, but has really distinguished itself in recent years for its unique approach to working with clients and innovative thinking. The firm is in a compelling position to help reshape the UK’s economic agenda, and I look forward to progressing the opportunity for assurance services to play a greater part in doing so.”