30 UK management consulting firms certified as B Corporations

22 September 2020 Consultancy.uk 8 min. read
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The number of management consulting firms in the UK that have been admitted into the B Corp community has hit 30. The certification is aimed at promoting sustainability and purpose in the business community.

Society’s most challenging problems cannot be solved by government and non-profits alone. By harnessing the power of business, B Corps use profits and growth as a means to a greater end: positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

So far, over 3,500 businesses around the world have become certified as B Corps. The B Corp certification addresses the entirety of a business’ operations and covers five key impact areas of Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. To complete the certification, the company legally embeds the commitment to purpose beyond profit in the articles of association.

30 UK management consulting firms certified as B Corporations

In the UK, the B Corp community stands at around 360 companies, and includes well-known brands such as The Guardian, innocent, Patagonia, The Body Shop, and organic food pioneers Abel & Cole. 30 of the UK’s B Corps are management consulting firms – with smaller and boutiques being the only firms to take up the scheme so far.


Re_Set is a London-based boutique consultancy for innovation, disruption and sustainability, whose mission is to ensure its clients thrive in a disrupted world.
Certified Since: August, 2020
Location: London


3Keel is an Oxford-based firm of sustainability advisors specialised in working with food systems, supply chains and landscapes.
Certified Since: June, 2020
Location: Long Hanborough


Brink works with clients to help produce services with a minor environmental footprint.
Certified Since: February, 2020
Location: London

Egremont Group

The management consultancy specialises in transformations, helping clients all over the world identify what’s holding them back and create a movement for change within their business.
Certified Since: February, 2020
Location: London

Sales: Untangled

The firm helps businesses simplify sales success, from building the right plan to developing a high-performing team, to improving ROI.
Certified Since: February, 2020
Location: Bourne End

Revolt London

Revolt is a purpose and activist agency, providing consulting services to help brands become more sustainable.
Certified Since: December, 2019
Location: London


The firm’s consulting support helps organisations turn that knowledge into strategy to create meaningful change.
Certified Since: October, 2019
Location: London


Pentameter is a culture and design consultancy with a team that combines culture, design, communications and sustainability expertise.
Certified Since: October, 2019
Location: Manchester


Baxendale exists to solve important societal problems in a way that creates positive economic, social and environmental impact. The firms combines consulting capability with deep market insight.
Certified Since: August, 2016
Location: London


In the business of brand transformation, Jago works with clients to help discover pivotal moments through strategy, design, and marketing.
Certified Since: October, 2019
Location: Guildford

Adam Smith International

Adam Smith International is global advisory company that works locally to transform lives by making economies stronger, societies more stable, and governments more effective.
Certified Since: September, 2019
Location: London

Pulse Brands

Pulse Brands supports its clients to explore the role of purpose in engaging more effectively with their investors, employees, customers and society.
Certified Since: August, 2019
Location: London

LVK Global

LVK builds mindful FMCG brands from start-ups to £10 million businesses.
Certified Since: July, 2019
Location: London

Living Alive

In the business of systems change, Living Alive’s interdisciplinary and experience-led approach helps people to live, work and lead in ways that are fit for the future.
Certified Since: April, 2019
Location: Forres

Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships

The firm works with start-ups, supporting incubators and accelerators, connecting corporate initiatives to further insight and provide positive interactions in meeting new organisations to identify new opportunities.
Certified Since: December, 2018
Location: Steventon

Sweetmans & Partners

The coaching consultancy supports its clients to achieve their people and business development goals through a combination of facilitation, coaching, training and consultancy services.
Certified Since: September, 2018
Location: Cardiff

Perform Green

Perform Green is a consultancy which works to harness the power of digital technology to deliver positive benefits to people, communities, organisations and cities.
Certified Since: April, 2018
Location: Cheltenham

TBL Services

TBL Services combines business experience, academic discipline, and communications expertise to help businesses support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Certified Since: September, 2017
Location: Preesall

Greenheart Business Consulting

Combining skills of strategic analysis, professionalism and communication with sound legal, industry and impact management experience, Greenheart is passionate about helping clients generate long term value and impact.
Certified Since: August, 2017
Location: Yealmpton

The House

The House helps business leaders develop purpose-led visions, sustainable strategies and thriving, values-led cultures, all brought to life with creative brands.
Certified Since: April, 2017
Location: Bath

Bubble Chamber

Bubble Chamber is a management consultant which offers practical ways to create an enterprising culture, scale-up, maximise resources and grow social impact.
Certified Since: February, 2017
Location: London


The consulting firm builds the capacity of companies to understand and address their impacts, enabling them to lead change that benefits business and society.
Certified Since: January, 2017
Location: Frome


Kin&Co is a culture and communications consultancy that helps organisations find, live and communicate their purpose and values.
Certified Since: January, 2017
Location: London

Business Fights Poverty

Business Fights Poverty is a business-led collaboration network focused on social impact.
Certified Since: September, 2015
Location: London


Shoremount is a think tank, strategic consulting and executive support firm helping organisations to thrive in the new economy by making them more human, adaptable and purposeful.
Certified Since: September, 2015
Location: London

Twelve Winds Consulting

Twelve Winds Consulting's management consulting services focus on its clients’ most important challenges and opportunities: strategy, organisational change and development, performance measurement, and corporate citizenship.
Certified Since: August, 2015
Location: London

Good Talent

The company delivers values based recruitment solutions, aligning purpose with skills and experience. Good Talent's on boarding services ensure new staff are up and running as quickly as possible.
Certified Since: August, 2015
Location: London


Tricordant is a whole systems organisation design and development consultancy, which helps organisations to transform in many different sectors.
Certified Since: August, 2015
Location: Reading

Pelorus Consulting

Clients of Pelorus have accessed its flexible, high quality programmes, services and wider solutions to improve leadership, talent, building resilience and team development.
Certified Since: June, 2015
Location: Lewes

One Stone

One Stone is a global sustainability advisory firm specialising in strategy and communication. Its aim is to deliver excellence, sustainable business value, and real change by helping companies transform their challenges into opportunity.
Certified Since: August, 2013
Location: Edinburgh


Volans is a think-tank and advisory firm that aims to help social innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to do more, bridging their work into the mainstream worlds of business and finance.
Certified Since: March, 2013
Location: London