Publicis Sapient launches business content streaming service

25 September 2020 3 min. read
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Global digital transformation consultancy and agency Publicis Sapient has launched its own business content streaming service.

Publicis Sapient’s HOW Channel was never supposed to exist for the remote-work world we live in today, but thanks to fast execution and odd circumstances, it’s primed to offer underserved audiences the quick and easy video content they need as the business world digs into what “digital business transformation” actually means and looks like in practice.

The streaming service has a lot going for it, the novelty of short-form video for people, a slick design, and the initial lineup includes the likes of Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square, John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, and Kim Scott, author of Radical Candor. All the episodes are less than 10 minutes in length and can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode.

The platform will be delivering new weekly episodes, including segments of what the company is calling ‘The Brave Pursuit’, hosted by Barbara Chai, Global Head of Content and Thought Leadership at Publicis Sapient, and former Senior Editor at the Wall Street Journal. Other series include ‘Life is Dataful’ which features an extensive deep-dive into data, and ‘Underhyped Overhyped’ which focuses on consumer trends.

Publicis Sapient launches business content streaming service

The Covid-19 global shutdown inspired Publicis Sapient to build what it describes as “a first-of-its-kind platform” for short video streaming of business thought leadership, that allows users – executives and managers – to consume high-impact relevant content that is timely and relevant.

The Morning Brew launched its Business Casual podcast, which has gone on to corner the market for business podcasts by offering business thought leadership in podcast format for that previously underserved audience. The HOW Channel finds itself in similar circumstances, offering a streaming service to a “previously underserved audience craving snackable video business content,” said Teresa Barreira.

Barreira, Publicis Sapient’s Chief Marketing Officer, acknowledged that ideally, people will consume the content on the go, and understands that they’re seeking something that provides connection, an immersive experience, and offers learning – all of which are more important than ever today. “We built something that we’ll continue to optimise, we will continuously have new, captivating content and new features and functionality as we have new releases.”

According to Barreira, the firm managed to build the platform in just two months, and in the midst of a global pandemic. The consultancy found out in beta testing that this type of content could quickly outperform written thought leadership and adjusted their offering based on that observation, and now the consultancy believes it is a differentiator.

Barreira, added, “Working from home has highlighted the need to take short breaks throughout the day.” she said. “Our use cases are these in-between moments. We’re craving content that takes the reader from a linear to interactive experience, that’s where The HOW Channel comes in.”