Logistics consultancy BoxLogic celebrates 2-year anniversary

21 September 2020 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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Specialist supply chain and logistics BoxLogic is celebrating its second anniversary. Two years after first opening for business, Co-Founder Matthew Hopkins sat with Consultancy.uk to discuss what is next for the young firm.

Founded in October 2018 by directors Jon Porter, Stuart Parsons, Nishit Nisudan and Matthew Hopkins, BoxLogic is a consulting firm which specialises in supply chain and logistics work. Similarly to the origins of fast-growing consultancy Elixirr, the founders had worked together for several years at Accenture, before deciding the time was right to go it alone.

Speaking to Consultancy.uk as BoxLogic approaches its second anniversary in business, Co-Founder Matthew Hopkins added, “Going independent allowed us to set our own direction and work with a wider variety of clients, including start-ups and SMEs. This can be really rewarding as the client gets access to a skillset they don’t have internally and the results of a project can be more tangible. Working with companies of different sizes provides a the breadth of challenge that we were looking for.”

Logistics consultancy BoxLogic celebrates 2-year anniversary

BoxLogic supports its clients to develop their logistics strategy and operational capabilities through expert advice, and despite a challenging business environment, BoxLogic has enjoyed a strong 2020. Specialising in strategic network design, DC design, and warehouse automation the team has been well placed meet to the demand for logistics support resulting from both the organic, and pandemic induced growth of ecommerce – welcoming several new clients across a range of sectors as a result.

Asked for a highlight of the past two years, Hopkins said, “It’s always satisfying to look back and see how far we have come so quickly but the future is just as exciting. Every time that we deliver a project and see the results that it provides for our customers is a massive positive for us.”

Hopkins also noted that the diversity of BoxLogic’s projects was a highlight, with projects from clients in food production, publishing to the building trade. Examples include developing a distribution network strategy to support rapid business growth; the provision of a concept design and evaluation of the ROI of warehouse automation; and the design and implementation of a rapid fulfilment solution across a retail network.

In terms of what is next for BoxLogic, Hopkins concluded, “We will see what the future holds and will look to expand the team when the time is right but first and foremost we will focus on adding value for our customers and satisfying their expectations.”

In a release from the firm, fellow co-founder Jon Porter, now a Director, meanwhile stated, “The last two years has been a real rush. To look back to where we started from and to consider some of the amazing results that we achieved with our clients is staggering. Time and again we have proven our data-driven approach works and I look forward to the next few years when we can grow and take on even more exciting challenges.”