Elixirr announces new Australian wing amid rapid growth

11 March 2020 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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Challenger consultancy Elixirr has formally said “G’day to Australia” with the announcement that it is launching a new wing there. Primarily based in Sydney, client demand has taken Elixirr’s rapidly expanding team to the new market, where it has already been undertaking work for over a year.

Formed in the UK in 2009, Elixirr quickly expanded across multiple geographies to become an organisation of 130 people working across 16 industries and over 25 countries. The consultancy first moved into Africa, before its clients led it to grow quickly throughout Europe and the US – where revenue grew by 680% in the last year alone.

Indeed, the firm’s CAGR has been C.30% for the last 7 years, and as Elixirr looks to maintain this momentum, it has launched a new location "Down Under". Elixirr first established a team on the ground in Australia over a year ago, and while it is primarily located in Sydney, a release from the firm states it is consulting all over the continent-sized country.

Elixirr announces new Australian wing amid rapid growth

Stephen Newton, Founder & CEO of Elixirr commented, “Australia was the next logical step for Elixirr, having had a local team on the ground for over 18 months. Their readiness to adopt innovation, and so many businesses looking to transform to deliver more for their customers, quickly meant the demand was already there for our expertise. Our clients have always taken us to the geographies we work in – a testament to the impactful work our team does globally. I’m looking forward to working with forward-thinking firms in Australia, and the impact we’ll make together.

Alongside the expertise of its global team, Elixirr also aims to connect incumbent firms in Australia into their global innovation ecosystem – which already features leading venture capital firms, accelerators, innovation labs and startups across Silicon Valley, New York, London, Israel, China, India, Kenya and Cape Town. The ecosystem has already achieved success with large corporates around the world, growing new and existing businesses through technology innovation and new ways of working.

Daniel Lemcke, Partner at Elixirr, added, “Our innovation-led approach to consulting is something Australia has embraced… It’s a market actively seeking out non-traditional ways of working, to deliver increasing value for their customers by embracing open banking and FinTech partnerships. We are uniquely placed to help them embrace these relationships, not just locally in Australia, but around the world. It’s an exciting location for business growth, and I’m looking forward to helping large incumbents achieve effective, and fast, transformation across all industries.”