Revel Consulting relocates from Kirkland to Seattle

04 August 2015 3 min. read
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Revel Consulting, a US-based consulting firm, has announced that it is relocating its office from Kirkland, Washington, to downtown Seattle. The new office, which is set to be inaugurated in the Summer of 2016, will allow the firm to continue its expansion path, as well as boost its client delivery potential.

Since its inception in 2006, Revel Consulting has been based in Kirkland, Washington. The consultancy supports clients with management advisory and IT consulting services and solutions, with a focus on clients in the high-tech, wireless & mobility, retail, and healthcare sectors.

In recent years, Revel Consulting has grown strongly, a feat which has earned the firm several regional and industry recognitions. Puget Sound Business Journal for instance named Revel Consulting one of “Eastside’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies” for three consecutive years (2009 – 2011), while the consultancy made Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500/5000” – a list of the fastest growing private businesses in the US – for four years in a row (2008 - 2011). In 2010, Revel Consulting  was named one of the consulting industry’s “Seven Small Jewels” by Consulting Magazine, testimony to its growth, but also its innovative business model (which the firm dubs ‘PURE Consulting’) and ability to innovate into new practice areas.

Revel Consulting

On the back of the growth, in 2011, Revel Consulting’s team of approximately 150 consultants moved into a expanded company office, remaining faithful to Kirkland. “Our beautiful new headquarters are a sign of the great things we’ve accomplished as a team, but also shows the big things we have ahead of us,” said Vikas Kamran, Managing Director and co-founder of Revel Consulting, back in September 2011 when the advisory opened the new premise*. In addition, the consultancy at the time also significantly expanded the footprint of its San Francisco office, which it had established in 2008.

Four years down the line Revel Consulting has grown to a team of an estimated 250 consultants, pushing its existing Kirkland location to the limits, with little room for facilitating future aspirations. Against the backdrop, the partner team earlier this year launched a study on potential expansion scenario’s, and following a due diligence on “several options,” says Kamran, “we saw an emerging and incredible opportunity we couldn't pass up." In the Summer of 2016 the consultancy will relocate to a new space in the heart of downtown Seattle, located in Belltown - Denny Regrade. “We're incredibly excited for this opportunity," comments Kamran, adding "we've chosen a historical building in order to root ourselves in the stories of Seattle, past, present and future; furthering our commitment to local and sustainable guiding principles."

Revel Consulting to relocate to downtown Seattle

On top of facilitating further growth, the new office will, according to Revel Consulting’s CEO, also foster core values such as teamwork and innovation. "Our new location will enable us to be in the center of the action, so we can engage, learn and grow through organic, serendipitous moments. As a firm focused on human-centered design, it's critical we immerse ourselves in the city. It's here we can learn from and absorb the experiences people have with different products and services."

From a client perspective the Denny Regrade office will offer opportunities for strategic sessions (e.g. strategy setting, storytelling), as well as hosting workshops. "This new space will be designed to show our clients who we are, and our philosophy of See What Can Be by inspiring creativity, passion and collaboration." Kamran concludes: “We're pumped about our new space and all the potential it brings. This is a huge step for Revel!” 

* Vikas Kamran, a former Accenture advisor, co-founded Revel Consulting with Brett Alston, who left the firm in July 2012.