Knowledge platform for cloud implementations launches

04 March 2020 3 min. read
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Searchlight Consulting has teamed up with technology company Hydra to launch a new knowledge management platform for cloud-based implementations. The partnership is seen as an opportunity to “offer clients, vendors, and partners a solution to accelerate the time-to-value of cloud-based enterprise solutions and digital transformation programmes.”

Transformation is essential in today’s business atmosphere, but in no industry is it as pronounced as within the professional services sector where knowledge and skill are the core commodities, competition is fierce, and technology evolves at a rapid pace. Forming the heart of many strategies, cloud infrastructure can help businesses survive this environment, as it may reduce the cost of managing and maintaining IT systems, improve storage reliability and speed of access, and offer a competitive edge over competitors.

The problem is, many firms fail to get the most out of their cloud transformations, as they commit to them out of fear of missing out – rather than for solid business reasons. The question shouldn't be whether companies should move to the cloud, but when and how a cloud solution will best support business transformation and growth.

Searchlight Consulting + Hydra CloudSearchlight Consulting is a business transformation consultancy which helps clients align business applications and digital strategies. Its 340 senior-level associates partner with its clients to shape digital transformation programmes and deliver change, enabling companies to grow, develop new capabilities and future proof their business. In order to help companies, technology vendors and consultants improve the way they deliver their cloud-based implementations, Searchlight has struck an alliance with technology company Hydra to launch a new knowledge platform for cloud-based implementations.

Steve Sharp, CEO of Searchlight, commented, “Over the years Searchlight Consulting has seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to working with clients, vendors, partners and the implementation of cloud-based enterprise solutions… We want to help Enterprise software vendors and their partners gain visibility and predictability across their cloud-based implementation portfolios. Increasing the success and certainty of implementations for clients reduces the time-to-value cycle, thus improves revenue recognition.”

Combining Searchlight’s expertise with Hydra’s asset-driven Execution Control platform, the platform seeks to provide cloud-based implementation and knowledge management, which can help clients achieve more predictable, and successful implementations. According to a release from the firms, the aim of the integrated cloud-based platform is to help vendors standardise compliant delivery of vendor technology with every partner; increase sales confidence with better conversion of new and bigger opportunities; and reproduce the excellence of a best possible delivery in every project across the partner channel.

Juan Manrique, CEO of Hydra, stated, “We are very excited to be collaborating with Searchlight Consulting. The partnership is a fantastic opportunity to combine Searchlights expertise with Hydra’s cloud-based solution, offering clients, vendors, and partners a unique solution to accelerate the time to value of cloud-based enterprise solutions and digital transformation programmes.”