PwC re-elects Kevin Ellis as UK and Middle East Chief

06 February 2020 3 min. read
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Big Four professional services firm PwC has announced that Kevin Ellis will serve a second term as the company’s Alliance Senior Partner for the UK and Middle East. Ellis will also continue his role as PwC UK’s Chairman over the next four years, after which he will have been with PwC for a grand total of four decades.

At present, it seems the auditing and advisory world’s Big Four – consisting of Deloitte, KPMG, EY and PwC – faces a challenging start to the 2020s in Britain. With mounting regulatory and government scrutiny being directed at the quartet’s heavily-criticised auditing wings, many of their mid-tier competitors see this as the opportunity they have been waiting for to win business from the previously untouchable gang of four.

In preparation for this crunch period, PwC spent the back-end of the last decade looking to strengthen and consolidate its UK operations. This saw the firm reorganising its offering outside of London, growing and up-skilling its workforce in Northern Ireland, and championing new technologies to see off challengers to its accounting and consulting supremacy. Now, as the 2020s gets underway, the Senior Partner and Chairman who oversaw this strengthening has been re-elected for a second term.

Kevin Ellis, Senior Partner and Chairman, PwC UK

As of July 2020, Kevin Ellis will commence his next four-year spell as Alliance Senior Partner for PwC’s UK and Middle East operations. Ellis, who regularly represents the firm on the global stage at events such as the Davos World Economic Forum, has been with PwC since 1984, when he joined its UK assurance practice. He was made Partner in 1996, and joined the executive board in 2008 as Head of Advisory, before later becoming PwC UK’s Managing Partner in 2012.

The news is not especially surprising, given Ellis’ apparent popularity within PwC. In 2018, a survey of staff at a number of the world’s largest businesses found Ellis was one of the ten best-liked bosses in the global consulting industry.

Speaking on the news, Ellis said, “I’m proud to have been elected by our partners to serve a second term as alliance senior partner. Over the past four years the world our clients operate in and the challenges we help them solve have become more complex… We will continue to invest in quality, up-skilling our people and technology as we respond to the fourth industrial revolution. Our sector is under great scrutiny and we remain committed to working with policy setters and stakeholders to ensure that we play our part in building trust and confidence as the UK recasts its position in the world.”