Healthcare firms Carnall Farrar and Changing Health team up

05 November 2019 2 min. read
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Health and care consultancy Carnall Farrar has partnered with Changing Health a provider of digital behaviour change solutions. The partnership will aim to help healthcare providers offer patients, members, or staff, improved support to make important lifestyle changes.

Health spending priorities are rapidly shifting across the developed world. A survey of more than 120 executives recently revealed that healthcare spending is set to increasingly focus on less costly preventive measures. This trend will be keenly felt in the UK, which will be putting more money towards projects around digital health than medication by 2030.

This will be the largest area of the country’s healthcare budget, taking up $21 billion in funds, compared to the $16 billion medication is expected to receive – as the NHS et al look to deploy AI to advise patients on how to improve their lifestyles for the sake of their health.

With this key change in mind, consultancy Carnall Farrar has teamed up with Changing Health – a global provider of behaviour change programmes for Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight management, clinically proven to transform health outcomes – to offer a new digital platform for UK and international partners. The platform is intended to deliver a personalised experience for each user, accelerating the development of behaviour change services and harnessing big data to proactively identify the social, environmental or demographic factors most likely to influence a person’s lifestyle behaviours.

Healthcare firms Carnall Farrar and Changing Health team up

Professor Mike Trenell, Changing Health's Chief Scientific Officer, said, “Digital health is the fasting growing area of health, and not surprisingly, it plays a central role in the forward vision for the NHS. We are proud to enter this partnership with a leader in organisational change to support the expansion of digital health from the curious wings of healthcare to centre stage.”

Ben Richardson, a former McKinsey & Company partner and since 2014 Managing Partner at Carnall Farrar, added, “Digital innovation has the potential to revolutionise healthcare, and giving people the tools to take greater ownership of their own health is a fundamental part of this.”

Carnall Farrar is a management consultancy combining healthcare analytics and thought leadership with industry experience of front line service delivery. Last year it was among 107 consultancies named as part of the NHS’ management consultancy framework, aimed at assisting with the institution’s complex strategic, organisation and transformational changes over the next five years.