FinTech investor backs London blockchain consultancy Diacle

30 September 2019 2 min. read
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As the clamour to invest in FinTech expertise continues, blockchain consultancy Diacle has attracted new backing. The firm will now work with investment platform BnkToTheFuture to build a new wave of token-based corporate finance tools to market.

As financial institutions look to tackle complex problems such as shifting consumer expectations, regulatory burdens and heightened competition from digital upstarts, many are turning to innovative FinTech platforms for their salvation. The threat and opportunities created by disruptive FinTech firms has not been lost on a whole host of actors – from consultancy firms to accelerators seeking to profit from the action – meaning investment in the segment has boomed continuously in recent years.

Founded in 2013, Diacle is a blockchain-focused consulting firm which is headquartered in London, UK. Assisting blockchain technology companies with corporate structure and legal documents, the firm also consults on initial coin offerings, initial exchange offerings, and security token offerings (STOs). Similar to an initial coin offering, an STO sees an investor is issued with a crypto coin or token representing their investment, the difference being that a security token represents an investment contract into an underlying investment asset, such as stocks, bonds, funds and real estate investment trusts.

FinTech investor backs London blockchain consultancy Diacle

This aspect of Diacle’s work has proven particularly attractive, and landed the firm with new backing from investment platform BnkToTheFuture. Operating out of the US, BnkToTheFuture was founded in 2011 and facilitates various types of token generation events. Companies that have benefited from their services include various noteworthy names such as Factom, Securitize, and more.

The online platform facilitates investments in FinTech, blockchain, and bitcoin companies, and having been in the market to support STOs, BnkToTheFuture has rekindled its previous relationship with Diacle. The two previously worked together on the launch and release of BnkToTheFuture’s very own BFT token. The new investment will see the two organisations place an increased focus towards both the UK and broader European markets.

John Thompson, CEO of Diacle, said of the news, “We are really excited to work with BnkToTheFuture as a strategic investor to build the next wave of disruption coming to capital markets. Diacle has been helping crypto and blockchain projects with licensing, compliance and financing since 2013 and look forward to working with BnkToTheFuture much more closely to bring token-based corporate finance to a much deeper pool of investors as the industry grows.”