YSC Consulting appoints Tessa Bresslin as leader of Americas division

28 June 2019 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read
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London-based global leadership consultancy YSC has appointed Tessa Bresslin as the leader of its Americas division. Derry-born Bresslin takes on the role of Managing Director as the latest chapter of a 20-year consulting career.

Founded in London in 1990, YSC Consulting has been providing leadership advisory services to clients across a wide range of industries for the better part of three decades. The firm provides services in the areas of leadership strategy, performance, research, and analytics. YSC also has offerings in organisational leadership and CEO & board advisory. The firm’s approach is grounded in the behavioural sciences, allowing clients to better align business strategy and leadership.

The firm has been going through a number of transitions in its upper echelons in recent months. The London-based group appointed Eric Pliner as its new CEO, replacing Robert Sharrock, who held the role for five years. Pliner, previously the firm’s Americas leader, will remain based in New York City, with his appointment sparking the search for a successor to head up YSC’s operations across the region.

Tessa Bresslin - Managing Director at YSC Consulting

Now, YSC has confirmed it has appointed a new Managing Director at the top of its Americas division. Tessa Breslin has assumed the position, having been at YSC for nine years, and will now preside over the firm’s operations in the United States, Brazil, Canada and Mexico. As with the broader firm, the Americas region offices work across a range of industries, including technology, biotech, private equity, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy and media and entertainment.

The newly appointed Managing Director graduated from Queen’s University with a First Class Honours in Psychology and won a scholarship to complete a Masters in Occupational Psychology. Breslin is also a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society and a member of the Health Professionals Council and American Psychological Association.

Her career in consulting began in London, joining Banner McBride in 1999 to work as an Associate Consultant. After two years there, she spent a further year as a Consultant with MCA Communications, working with blue chip clients on their communications before switching to communications and talent management in the aviation industry, spending five years with BAA. She took on the position of Head of Talent and Management Development with Sodexo – a facilities firm that oversaw 48,000 people – for two years, before becoming Director and Head of YSC East Coast in 2009.

Breslin, who will remain based in New York for her new role, said, “During my years as a client, I always admired YSC’s thoughtful approach and impact in working with organisations. I’m thrilled to lead our teams in the Americas as we continue to deliver world-class leadership strategy programmes to our clients.”

YSC CEO Eric Pliner added, “In the past nine years, Tessa has worked as a formal and informal leader for YSC around the world and has helped build some of our strongest client relationships. Her expertise and credentials make her an inspired choice to lead our fastest growing market.”