Resources Global Professionals launches BPM services

13 June 2013 1 min. read

Resources Global Professionals (RGP) has launched a new global Business Performance Management (BPM) service. The new proposition provides clients with an end-to-end portfolio of services that helps them with creating an efficient reporting and analysis environment, aimed at improving decision-making abilities.

Part of Information Management

The functional services of the international consulting firm focuses on five areas: Finance & Accounting, Human Capital, Information Management, Risk & Compliance en Supply Chain. The new BPM proposition will become part of the information management system. An overview:

Resources Global Professionals BPM

RGP's BPM offering is according to their own sources a "one-stop solution", including strategic services (eg. performance management strategy), implementation support (eg. software implementation) and technical support (eg. application management).

"The overload of data, known as Big Data, is overwhelming for companies. Our new BPM services help companies optimize the fundamental data companies need" says Tracey Figurelli, the global managing director of the Information Management Branch since late last year. "Combined with our proven financial and technology knowledge, the offering will support clients in creating sustainable reporting and analytics processes and tools".