Paul Brabant and Paul Thompson promoted at AlixPartners UK

17 January 2019 3 min. read
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Global consultancy AlixPartners has announced the promotion of two new Managing Directors in the UK. The appointments of Pauls Brabant and Thomas come amid a raft of 22 similar announcements across the firm’s global network.

2018 saw a busy year for AlixPartners, with the firm routinely called upon to aid companies with restructuring and administration work, as a slowing economy drew multiple casualties. With further uncertainty ahead in 2019, the firm has bolstered its capacity to deal with heightened demand by appointing a number of Managing Directors across its international offices.

In the UK, this saw two professionals ascend to the role. Paul Thompson will assume the position in AlixPartners’ Corporate Services wing, while Paul Brabant will take on the job in its Investigations, Disputes & Risk team. Both appointments are in AlixPartners’ London office.

Paul Brabant and Paul Thompson promoted at AlixPartners UK

Paul Brabant brings more than 20 years of experience to the position, having worked in a variety of roles in the global legal sector. He has acted as a lawyer, an electronic discovery expert, and a software development executive in the US, France, and the UK. With AlixPartners, Brabant advises lawyers in cross-border disputes and investigations, while leading on internal and regulatory investigations for high-profile clients. As a former legal technology executive, he incorporates automation, machine learning, and predictive modelling into his practice. He holds a Juris Doctor from Washington College of Law at American University.

Paul Thomson is Head of Operations for the EMEA region, and now Chief Operating Officer EMEA. Thompson has nearly 20 years of experience in professional services firms. In that time he has led acquisitions and restructuring internal operations to identify cost savings, and has implemented shared service centers and internal infrastructure. He is a qualified ACA accountant and has lived and worked in both the US and UK. He has also had extensive experience working across Europe and Asia throughout his career.

Elsewhere, AlixPartners completed a further 17 Managing Director appointments in the US and three in Europe, spanning all of AlixPartners’ service areas as well as its internal Corporate Services function. 

Simon Freakley, Chief Executive Officer at AlixPartners, said, "I am delighted to announce the promotions to Managing Director, effective January 1, 2019. Every one of our new Managing Directors has proven to be an outstanding professional by consistently delivering exceptional results in all of their endeavors. I wish them every success in the next phase of their careers at AlixPartners."

The promoted Managing Directors are:


Neto Alexander (Performance Improvement, Los Angeles)
Jeremy Borys (Corporate Services, Detroit)
Charlie Braley (Turnaround & Restructuring Services, Chicago)
Steve DuBuc (Performance Improvement, Detroit) 
Jeff Goldstein (Performance Improvement, Boston)
Sudhar Govindarajan (Performance Improvement, Chicago)
Steve Hilgendorf (Performance Improvement, Chicago)
Brooke Hopkins (Investigations, Disputes & Risk, Dallas)
Kristina Isakovich (Performance Improvement, Boston)
Nitin Jain (Performance Improvement, New York)
Regina Lee (Investigations, Disputes & Risk, Houston)
Alexandre Marian (Performance Improvement, San Francisco)
Robb McWilliams (Turnaround & Restructuring Services, Dallas)
Nenad Milicevic (Performance Improvement, New York)
Brad Mroski (Investigations, Disputes & Risk, Dallas)
Luca Ridolfi (Performance Improvement, New York)
Nick Samanich (Performance Improvement, New York)


Sophie Barbe (Turnaround & Restructuring Services, Paris)
Jochen Gottschalk (Digital, Munich)
Clemente Honorati (Performance Improvement, Milan)