Six consulting firms in Top 50 Companies for Diversity

01 May 2015 Authored by

PwC, EY, Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG and IBM have been named top performing companies in diversity management, with PwC securing the highest spot in the 'Top 50 Companies for Diversity' list.

Top 50 Companies for Diversity
Since 2001, diversity publication DiversityInc releases its annual Top 50 Companies for Diversity list, highlighting the companies that have excelled the most in their diversity management. The list is derived exclusively from corporate survey submissions and is based on 4 key areas: talent pipeline, equitable talent development, CEO/leadership commitment, and supplier diversity.

DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity

More than 1,600 companies participated in the 2015 survey, in an attempt to make the top 50 list. All companies were evaluated within the context of their own industries, with more than 15 industries represented, having their performance assessed against all competitors.

In the top 50, which is led by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation and Kaiser Permanente, which is found on second place, six consulting firms are to be found. All six of them are found in the top 25, with PwC the highest scoring firm. An overview of the firms included and their rankings:

Six consulting firms in Top 50 Companies for Diversity