McKinsey adds SATMAP to Solutions business unit

02 April 2015 2 min. read

McKinsey Solutions, the data analytics and software unit of strategy consultancy McKinsey & Company, has entered into a partnership with SATMAP, a North American software specialist that provides contact center technology. With the alliance, McKinsey boosts its call center and customer care performance improvement suite of services.

SATMAP provides behavioural matching solutions for inbound and outbound contact centers, allowing them to both increase efficiency as well as the quality of call handling. The software makes use of big data artificial intelligence to pair customers with agents based on behaviour, based on a proprietary and according to the firm “market leading” algorithm.

McKinsey Solutions

"McKinsey Solutions is thrilled to bring SATMAP's state-of-the-art thinking to our clients”, says Greg Phalin, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company. “SATMAP's 'enterprise behavioural pairing' of customers and agents delivers tangible benefits to businesses, improving the customer experience, increasing revenues, and reducing business costs", he adds. With the partnership, McKinsey Solutions grows its functional footprint in the solutions landscape – the unit now has more than 20 separate tools across functions and industries – complementing the strategy and management consultancy skills of parent firm McKinsey & Company.

Zia Chishti, Chairman of the Board at SATMAP, says her firm is “delighted” the partnership, adding: “For decades, the McKinsey name has been synonymous with rigorous analysis and robust expertise. Our partnership with McKinsey Solutions will enable both organizations to dramatically enhance the connections our clients make with their customers, delivering enterprise game-changing and precisely measurable economic benefits in the process.”


In November last year McKinsey Solutions agreed a partnership with Eversight, a provider of cloud-based sales and marketing services. Eversight’s offerings are currently bundled with McKinsey’s Periscope suite, providing clients with extensive pricing and trade promotion insights.