RSM expands NetSuite capabilities with acquisition of Explore Consulting

07 May 2018 3 min. read
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Professional services firm RSM has added Explore Consulting to its US-based NetSuite capabilities. The news follows an acquisition last year, which made RSM one of the largest providers of NetSuite cloud products across Europe.

RSM is witnessing a period of growing demand for its services in NetSuite cloud product provision. This is seeing the firm participate in a number of large-scale products with corporates and mid-market players. For example, RSM is currently helping global recruitment agency Page Group with a complete redesign of its finance operating model, which includes the roll-out of NetSuite OneWorld. In recent years, its growing prominence in the sector has also seen RSM scoop a number of awards for its NetSuite services, including the ‘2017 Worldwide Solution Provider of the Year’ by NetSuite itself, continuing a run of five consecutive wins.

In order to keep pace with the glut in demand the firm is experiencing, as well as to drive new growth in revenues, RSM has invested in a succession of NetSuite consultants since 2017. Most recently, this saw the professional services firm acquire UK-based First Hosted, in a deal which reportedly made RSM it one of the largest providers of NetSuite cloud products across Europe. The purchase added more than 50 people to RSM’s NetSuite practice.

RSM expands NetSuite capabilities with acquisition of Explore Consulting

Now the Top 100 consultancy has strengthened its US capabilities with the purchase of Explore Consulting, an Oracle NetSuite solution provider located in Bellevue, Washington. With strong presences in the e-commerce and retail industry, Explore Consulting is already well positioned in markets which RSM has been keen to permeate for some time. According to Brian Becker, National Consulting Leader for RSM US, Explore has a strong team of software developers, which also made it an attractive prospect for RSM.

“Most of the time, software in the cloud or out of the box can set 95% of a [client] company’s needs,” Becker added. “But you need strong IP and developers that can finish that last 5 to 10% and customise it to all the needs of our clients.”

Explore Consulting will add 60 professionals to RSM’s Stateside team, who will remain stationed Bellevue. Explore’s co-founders, CEO Steve Jones and COO Jeremy DeSpain, will take on the titles of Principals at RSM, meanwhile, and will be tasked with leading RSM’s regional business in the West, alongside industry leadership roles. As with the previous deal, financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed for the deal, which will close July 1st 2018.

Commenting on the deal, Explore Consulting CEO Steve Jones said, “Our customer-focused philosophy and our expertise and service offerings represent a perfect fit for RSM’s growing technology and management consulting practice. We especially look forward to continuing to serve our client base and offering a broader array of services to meet their business needs across tax, audit and other consulting services, while at the same time helping RSM’s clients take advantage of expanded e-commerce, retail and digital marketing offerings.”

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