KPMG strikes alliance with Nuix to bolster data-driven M&A offering

03 May 2018 3 min. read

KPMG has announced a tie up with Nuix, in an alliance which will lend the global forensic technology firm’s powerful data analysis capabilities to the Big Four company’s delivery for complex unstructured data projects to clients across all sectors. The partnership will carry a particular emphasis on M&A, with KPMG set to use Nuix to drive data remediation projects as a deal accelerator. 

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Nuix is an international cybersecurity, risk and compliance provider. The firm also possesses an EMEA base in London, alongside global operations in the US, Ireland, UAE and Germany. Nuix’s eDiscovery capabilities make use of the group’s innovative Nuix Engine, which makes it possible to index and search the largest volumes of unstructured data with unmatched speed and forensic detail, across complex file and storage types, meaning the platform can support digital forensic investigations, information governance, email migration, privacy and data remediation services.

Keen to enhance its own capacities in analytics and data projects, the UK wing of professional services firm KPMG has entered an agreement with Nuix, which will allow the consulting firm to tap into this system. The deal will bring Nuix’s forensic technology together with the strength in depth of KPMG’s offering, with the two firms hoping to provide clients with a service which can drive cost savings and act as an accelerator in the M&A market. By deploying Nuix software to index, searches and analyse large volumes of unstructured data, KPMG will work to supports clients in responding to data needs in disputes, investigations, M&A divestments and regulatory and internal reviews.

KPMG strikes alliance with Nuix to bolster data-driven M&A offering

This particularly relates to M&A transactions, especially for vendors, as there is always a need for such entities to understand where the key value information data is. This leads to complex questions over how, where and by whom data is being used, and subsequently whether it requires detailed attention to ensure that it is protected, managed or potentially carved-out. KPMG’s deployment of Nuix software will look to expedite this process and mitigate potential risks, including litigation, non-compliance and increased cost and disruption to business processes.

Commenting on the increasingly complex needs of modern M&A, Darren Pauling, Managing Director of Forensic Technology at KPMG, said, “Businesses are generating an increasingly large amount of data each day. While they are realising the hidden value that can be extracted from data, they are often becoming overwhelmed by its volume and complexity. Market consolidation through M&A activity, combined with the pressures of regulatory mandates, such as GDPR, mean that more and more clients need to find ways to better understand and efficiently manage that data.”

He added, “Our alliance with Nuix allows us to access a really powerful tool that will search and analyse data, with unparalleled speed and accuracy.”

Also remarking on the partnership, Jonathan Rees, Chief Executive Officer, EMEA at Nuix, said, “Our relationship with KPMG is one that clients across all sectors will benefit from. With the highly talented Forensic Technology team at KPMG, combined with the unrivalled indexing, processing and analysis capabilities of Nuix’s technology, investigations can be conducted efficiently, cost-effectively and comprehensively.”

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