Five consulting firms win Talent Management Award

03 February 2015 2 min. read

Accenture, Aon, Capgemini, Cognizant and IBM have been recognised for their excellence in Talent Management & HR practices during the Brandon Hall Group Awards, which celebrates organisations that successfully developed programmes, strategies, systems and tools with measurable results. Combined the five firms secured thirteen awards, with Accenture winning eight.

Last week, on January 29, the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards were organised during the Human Capital Management Excellence Conference 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in Fort Lauderdale, the US. The awards recognise companies that “have successfully developed and deployed the best programs, strategies, modules, processes, systems, and tools that have delivered measurable results” and were handed out in four overarching categories: ‘Excellence in Learning’, ‘Excellence in Talent Management & HR’, ‘Excellence in Sales & Marketing’, and ‘Excellence in Technology’, each with several subcategories.

Excellence Awards 2014

Excellence in Talent Management & HR Awards
The subcategory ‘Talent Management & HR’ recognises best practices in talent management and HR. Awards are distributed in 14 subcategories, including Best Employee Engagement Model, Best in Coaching and Mentoring Program, Best in Succession and Career Management Approach, Best Inclusion and Diversity Strategy, and Best Talent Acquisition Process. The organisers in addition distinguish between Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.

Among all the winners, five consulting firms can be found. An overview:

Accenture - Aon - IBM - Capgemini and Cognizant

Accenture secured eight awards, making it the overall winners from a consultancy perspective:
- Best Employee Engagement Model: Bronze
- Best HR Strategy and Measurement Model: Gold
- Best in Talent Management Technology Implementations: Gold and Bronze
- Best in Workforce Planning and Management: Gold
- Best Inclusion and Diversity Strategy: Bronze
- Best Onboarding Program: Gold
- Best Talent Acquisition Process: Gold

Risk insurance and HR specialist Aon won two awards:
- Best in Talent Management Technology Implementations: Gold              
- Best Inclusion and Diversity Strategy: Silver

The 'Best Leadership Development Program’ subcategory was dominated by consulting firms, with IBM scooping a Silver award, Capgemini’s University winning the Silver award and Cognizant’s Interactive Learning Group/ Academy taking home the Bronze prize.

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