Accenture acquires Wales based automation consultancy Genfour

10 April 2017 2 min. read
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Accenture has acquired Wales-based automation consulting and business process firm Genfour for an undisclosed sum. The addition will be integrated into the firm's Center of Excellence for Intelligent Automation in the UK, which is part of Accenture's wider technology platform.

Genfour is a Wales-based information technology and services company, focused on the automation of business processes. The company, which was founded in 2012, offers a range of solutions in the space, including robotic process automation (RPA), cognitive technologies and desktop automation. Genfour has supported a range of clients with automation solutions, particularly in the insurance, banking and utilities industries.

The acquisition of Genfour by Accenture, strengthens the firm’s presence in the intelligent automation space, to which the firm has dedicated considerable resources, including the training of more than 70,000 professionals in a range of related technologies and models. The space is likely to becoming increasingly important as a range of industries seek to improve their operations, including, for instance, insurance – although the large-scale automation of businesses may potentially result in job losses.

Accenture acquires intelligent automation firm Genfour

Genfour’s personnel will join Accenture’s Accenture Operations global Intelligent Automation team, and will be more widely integrated into the firm’s new UK-based Accenture Center of Excellence for Intelligent Automation. The value of the deal was not disclosed.

Remarking on the acquisition, Manish Sharma, Group Operating officer at Accenture Operations says, “Intelligent automation is transforming the way businesses across industries operate, driving new levels of productivity, innovation, compliance, quality user experiences and improved decision making. With a strong track record of building and managing flexible, scalable automation solutions, Genfour’s highly skilled professionals will help accelerate the transformation and re-engineering of our clients’ business processes through intelligent automation, enhancing our ability to deliver on the promise of as-a-Service.”

James Hall, CEO of Genfour, remarks about the firm’s move to Accenture, “With growing demand for intelligent automation solutions, we’re excited to be joining Accenture to help build better automated processes and tackle complex process opportunities for clients. We look forward to continuing to help clients use automation to successfully implement a digital workforce that can ultimately improve both internal operational efficiencies and customer experience.”