West Monroe Partners strikes partnership with the Ellevate Network

03 April 2017 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read

The representation of women across global business continues to be relatively poor – which has been shown to be detrimental to business performances globally. The consulting industry too suffers from a gender parity gap, with the sector, in particular in the higher ranks, still dominated by men. To support women within its firm, West Monroe Partners has partnered with the Ellevate Network.

The Ellevate Network is a global organisation focused on improving female representation at the top of the business world. The organisation sees women as holding the potential to create considerable value for businesses; several studies show that diversity may be able to create considerable benefit to the US and UK economy, the quality of products offered by businesses as well as to the global economy. The organisation works as a global network, made up of professionals from a wide set of backgrounds and industries, whose one common belief is “that investing in themselves and in other women is good business.”

The organisations offers a way to network with other women across the business world, learn from other members through a number of initiatives, and by investment in the initiative and its support of women friendly employers across the globe.

West Monroe Partners joins Ellevate Network

West Monroe Partners has announced the company’s partnership with the Ellevate Network. The partnership is focused on “building the next generation of women leaders” within the North American business and technology consulting firm. Women remain underrepresented within the consulting industry, accounting for around 25% of the workforce as a whole.

Through the partnership offers the firm’s female staff with access to Ellevate Network’s events, library resources, mentoring network, among others. Through these resources the firm’s women will be able to develop independent cross industry networks, develop business relationships, and deepen their skillsets.

Remarking on the one year partnership, Susan Stelter, Chief People Officer at West Monroe Partners and the executive sponsor of the partnership with Ellevate, says, “Ellevate brings a network of highly engaged and talented women to the table—many women we feel we could share experiences with. This partnership is one of the ways we help build the next generation of female leaders in the firm, and provides opportunities for women to network with other executives in their local community.”

Kevin McCarty, CEO of West Monroe Partners adds, “At West Monroe, we want to empower employees as much as possible, and this partnership is offering another set of opportunities to do that. We want to do our part in advancing female representation in the industry – much to the benefit of our firm and our clients.”