Accenture acquires iDefense Security Intelligence from VeriSig

22 February 2017 2 min. read
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Accenture has acquired iDefense Security Intelligence from VeriSign. The acquisition provides the firm with extensive access to historical threat data, a range of new capabilities and a large client network. Through the addition the firm hopes to create a stronger integrate proposition for its clients. The value of the deal has not been disclosed.

iDefense Security Intelligence (iDefence) is a cybersecurity platform developed by domain names and internet security firm VeriSign. The platform provides a range of services to clients, from detecting vulnerabilities and malicious code to global threats to organisations. The company was founded in 1998 and has, over its 18 years of existence, collected a wide array of proprietary threat intelligence data. The company is engaged by a host of Fortune 500 companies, including banking, communications, media, technology and products.

Cyber security continues to be a key area of concern for organisations across the globe, with total damages estimated at $280 billion. The addition of iDefence boosts Accenture’s capabilities to be better able to serve the firm’s clients to detect potential threats and take relevant actions ‘much earlier’ than those dependent on public data feeds.

Accenture acquires iDefense Security Intelligence

The capabilities from iDefence will further be integrated into Accenture’s wider security proposition, including its adversary simulation, threat hunting and incident response services. The firm will also lend its extensive capabilities to IDefence’s propositions, creating a more powerful set of product.

“iDefense has always been recognised for the differentiated and innovative approach to security intelligence and vulnerability management. Our contextual cyber intelligence is delivered to clients in a highly consumable way, so they can confidently use it to enhance a security control, drive a course of action or mitigate risk effectively in their business,” said Josh Ray, Vice President, iDefense Security Intelligence Services.

He adds, “We are very excited by this opportunity to bring our unparalleled threat intelligence services to Accenture Security’s extensive portfolio of end-to-end security and technology services."

Accenture has of late significantly expand its expertise in the cyber field, buying among others France-based Arismore earlier this year and US-based Defense Point Security last year.