Oxera Consulting appoints Helen Jenkins as Managing Partner

08 February 2017 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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Oxera Consulting has appointed Managing Director Helen Jenkins to the role of Managing Partner. The role sees Jenkins take responsibility for delivering the firm's key strategic objectives and streamlining internal decision-making.

Helen Jenkins started her career at Oxera Consulting, a UK based competition, finance and regulation advisory firm, in 1993. Ten years down the line, following the management buy-out of the consultancy, Jenkins took on the role of one of the two Managing Director positions at the firm (the other position was held by Luis Correia da Silva). 

Jenkins’s work at the consulting firm has crossed a range of functional areas, and was instrumental in the development of the firm’s Competition Economics practice. Throughout her more than 20 years of service she has supported dozens of clients by appearing before courts and antitrust authorities worldwide, leveraging her economics expertise in the context of damages assessment and competition disputes.

Jenkins holds a Bachelor of Science and Economics in Mathematics and Economics from The Australian National University and a DPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford. She is a Trustee of the Swarovski Foundation.

Helen Jenkins - Oxera Consulting

In her new role as Managing Partner, newly created following the firm's transformation to LLP in 2014, Jenkins takes leadership of the firm, and will work towards delivering the strategic objectives set out by the board. She will also continue to work on issues related to diversity by, among others, supporting efforts directly at the firm, as well as being a female role model within the industry.

Anthony Julius, Oxera Chairman, welcomes the new appointment, stating, "We are confident that having a Managing Partner on our Governing Board will help to streamline our decision-making and strategic thinking, bringing benefits to our clients in the way we deliver our first-class quality thinking, and will help us to shape the value that microeconomics can offer to corporates trying to survive and succeed in an ever increasingly complex global business world.”

Jenkins says that she is “delighted” to be taking on this role, and to be helping the firm’s existing and prospective clients navigate an ever-changing global economy. Adding, “At the same time, with research showing that economics continues to be a profession where women are under-represented, I am pleased to be able to demonstrate that economics can be a fulfilling and rewarding career for both young women, and men, today."