Ecofys supports energy cooperation between Germany and the UAE

08 February 2017 3 min. read
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Ecofys has won a three year contract, as lead of a consortium, to support joint collaboration on energy sustainability between Germany and the United Arab Emirates. The deal focuses on creating joint initiatives through which to pass best practice and solve mutual difficulties, among others.

The German Energiewende (energy transformation) programme has seen the country increase renewables as a share of total energy production to around 25% in recent decades – with a goal for a share of 60%-80% set by 2050. The European powerhouse remains on the forefront of transformation within its energy sector.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has relied on its vast carbon based energy reserves to generate electricity. The kingdoms are, like much of the rest of the world, exploring more sustainable generation options, by leveraging available wind and solar resources. A number of projects are already in the implementation phase, including UAE – Dubai has committed to installing 1,000 MW of capacity by 2030 and the UAE – Abu Dhabi to 1,600 MW of capacity by 2020.

Ecofys supports energy cooperation between Germany and the UAE

Ecofys, which was recently acquired by Navigant, has announced that the firm – as the lead of a consortium including the German Chamber of Commerce and other experts – has won a contract from the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to support UAE and wider countries of the Arabian Peninsula with their energy needs. The cooperation between the UAE and Ecofys was officially launched at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.

The consulting firm will, over a three-year period, provide, among others, strategic advice and facilitate the implementation of the bilateral energy dialogue. Among the planned activities between the two regions are a range of high-level meetings, industry fairs and analyses, whereby both parties can benefit from the transfer of best practice with a focus on renewables, energy efficiency, and energy systems and between respective markets.

According to a recent report by Ecofys, an accelerated transformation of energy generation is key to meeting global climate change targets. M&A is increasingly becoming a driver of transformation, an PwC study released last month found that deal value in the energy, power and renewables industry jumped to $293 billion last year.