AT Kearney: Half of Europeans still uses a pre-paid card

23 April 2013
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Half of the European mobile phone users use have a pre-paid card. In comparison, in the United States approximately three-quarters of users has a monthly subscription. From a global perspective, the market for mobile access is still dominated by pre-paid: 77% have pre-paid versus 23% using a monthly subscription. 

This follows from the report: 'The Mobile Economy 2013' by A.T. Kearney and the GSM Association, the international sector organization of mobile operators.

AT Kearney - Prepaid Connections

In Africa 96% of connections are pre-paid, followed by 87% in CIS (former Sovjet states) and 82% in Asia-Pacific. This is partly a historic factor. In some countries the pre-paid model is more accessible to populations not possessing the prerequisite bank account and identity documentation required to enter into a contract. In addition, in less mature markets telecom operators aggressively market pre-paid connections as it is way to attract customers and build market share.