Ricardo signs MoU with engineering and consulting group in China

09 January 2017 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read
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The Chinese Government’s latest five-year plan calls for increased attention to protecting its natural environment and reducing the pollution that has come to negatively affect its people and the globe. In a bid to support the Chinese Government with the momentous task, the China International Engineering Consulting Corporation and Ricardo Energy & Environment have signed a memorandum of understanding.

The Chinese Government has, as part of it latest five-year plan, set out an extensive programme focused on reducing the environmental, and social, damage from a range of pollution and practices, from limited ecosystem degradation to tackling heavy metal and atmospheric pollutants, such as fine particles and carbon dioxide.

In a bid to support the Chinese Government realise its environmental goals, the China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (CIECC) was formed more than 20 years ago. The organisation has, in the intervening years, provided a range of consulting services to the Chinese Government surrounding its decision-making and implementation of major national construction projects.

The Chinese Government’s recent increased focus on the environment, both domestically and internationally, has provided an opening for companies to offer key services in support of targets set out in the five-year plan. Ricardo Energy & Environment, which has supported sustainable development around the world for more than sixty years, recently announced a partnership with CIECC, formalised in the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to create greater access to global environmental, energy, water and sustainability services throughout China.

Ricardo signs MoU with CIECC, partners to support Chinese environment goals

Ricardo will, through the partnership, which builds on earlier work by the firm to boost its presence in the country, support the CIECC and the Chinese Government in its key areas of expertise, such as power sector planning, smart grid solutions, waste-to-energy innovation and water sustainability.

The Government of China’s current five-year plan has a specific focus on environmental protection. As the largest multi-disciplinary engineering consulting organisation in China, CIECC plays an important consulting role to central government in its decision-making and implementation of major national construction projects. Ricardo Energy & Environment has a heritage of over 60 years supporting sustainable development around the world and is actively working with governments throughout Asia to help them to achieve their environmental and national development ambitions.

Tim Curtis, Managing Director at Ricardo, remarks, “Over a number of meetings, Ricardo Energy & Environment has built a strong relationship with CIECC, and I am delighted that this has developed into a working partnership. Together we will share experience and innovation in sustainable development and technology to help identify effective solutions to China’s long-term environmental goals.”

Ricardo CEO Dave Shemmans, says, “It is a privilege for Ricardo to partner with CIECC and to continue to share knowledge, experience and technology with the scientific community in China. Building on Ricardo’s already extensive business in China, this MoU will enable our organisations to share a philosophy of using excellence in innovation to make a difference to society. I am sure that our collaboration will help to bring long term value both to Ricardo and to China.”