Navigant helps New York with running distributed energy marketplace

01 November 2016 3 min. read
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The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority has, as part of its REV Connect initiative, hired Navigant and a consortium of other players to support the delivery of a new distributed energy marketplace. The project is part of New York’s plan to overhaul its energy market.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) was formed in 1975 to advance New York's ability to apply innovative energy solutions in ways that improve the state’s economy and environment. The aim of the organisation is to, among others, support the development of energy efficiency initiatives and the use of renewable energy sources across the state.

One of the institute's key projects, developed by New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV Connect) project, whose goal is to facilitate the deployment of new energy technologies and business models in the New York market. With the move, the city wants to tap into the growing benefits distributed energy and technology can offer to the energy space. 

Navigant helps New York with running distributed energy marketplace

The REV Connect initiative offers a central forum for third parties to submit project ideas and receive expert guidance. The project will, in addition, connect promising ideas with customers, communities, and utilities – to accelerate implementation of innovative projects geared at enabling more distributed generation and demand flexibility.

“REV Connect will help enable energy market participants to develop and roll out cutting-edge solutions, find project partners and learn from each other’s experiences", explains President and CEO of NYSERDA, John Rhodes.

To develop and run REV Connect, a process which has been described by Richard Kauffman, New York’s chairman of energy and finance, as "highly complex", NYSERDA has turned to a range of external experts, including management consultancies, business incubators, universities, trade associations and not-for-profit organisations associated with energy and innovation. 

One of the key partners selected for the work is Navigant, in partnership with three main partners. The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology (NY-BEST) Consortium, set up in 2010 to position New York State as a global leader in energy storage technology; Modern Grid Partners, an in 2015 established utility consulting firm; and Zpryme, an energy focused media, research and events agency. Services that will be delivered include taking stock of REV implementation and REV demonstration projects, developing an online portal for marketing and engagement and, creating a plan for continued operation of REV Connect beyond the initial two-year phase.

Jan Vrins, leader of Navigant’s Global Energy segment, says, "Innovation of energy technologies and business models, specifically for distributed energy resources, are transforming the way utilities do business as well as the way customers consume energy. We are thrilled to collaborate with NYSERDA to create a more dynamic, resilient, clean, valuable, and affordable energy system in New York.”

Rhodes adds: "We look forward to working with Navigant and its partners on this important work.”