Satriun Group assists Brunel with deployment of Tagetik system

19 October 2016 3 min. read
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Staffing and recruiting provider Brunel has successfully implemented a new solution that helps the company meet global financial consolidation and corporate reporting requirements. The deployment of the Tagetik system was supported by consultants from Satriun Group, a business consultancy specialised in Corporate Performance Management.

With approximately 11,000 employees and operations in 37 countries, Brunel is one of the larger recruitment agencies in the industry. The company, founded in 1975, is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and has a turnover of just over €1.2 billion.

Brunel conducted a comprehensive selection process to secure a software provider that could meet all of the company's requirements to support their reporting and financial consolidation processes. Tagetik – a provider with more than 850 customers across 35 countries – emerged as preferred supplier from the selection process on the back of two competitive edges, according to Marco van der Kooij, General Manager of Tagetik Benelux. “Tagetik outperformed the competition by leveraging rich, 'built-in' functionality to support a global, complex consolidation and reporting process, as well as a strong commitment to go for the extra mile to make the project a success.”

Satriun Group assists Brunel with deployment of Tagetik system

Following the vendor selection step, Brunel’s project team, assisted by consultants from Satriun Group, a Tagetik consulting partner*, completed the design and build of the solution and moved into the roll-out phase, which included the delivery of end user trainings in a number of key locations. The implementation and migration was completed within a six-month timeframe.

The implemented Tagetik solution connects to Brunel's Microsoft Dynamics NAV ledgers to deliver intercompany matching and process management functionalities and automates equity pick-up, equity consolidation and cash flow calculations. The solution also manages statutory and management consolidation and financial reporting, quarterly estimates, and many non-financial key performance indicators.

Commenting on the successful completion of the project, Peter de Laat, CFO of Brunel, says he is confident the company made the right decision in selecting Tagetik as the firm’s new consolidation and reporting software and involving Satriun Group to help Brunel implement the software in the best, most efficient way. Reflecting on Satriun Group’s involvement, Casper van Leeuwen, partner at the consulting firm, says, “Assisting Brunel in optimising its consolidation and reporting processes and migrating to a new solution within a six-month timeframe was a challenging yet highly rewarding project. Our best-practice approach to implementation was a critical success factor and ensured a highly efficient system for managing financial performance across the enterprise and meeting its complex reporting requirements. We very much enjoyed the collaboration with the Brunel team.”

Earlier this year Satriun Group supported a CPM transition at TeamViewer – the deployment was also enabled by Tagetik technology.

* In 2014 Tagetik awarded Satriun Group as ‘Global Specialist Consulting Partner of the Year’.