AlixPartners buys New York-based Evidence Exchange

23 December 2014 2 min. read

Consulting firm AlixPartners has bought litigation- and investigation-support firm Evidence Exchange. The acquisition boosts its e-discovery and litigation-support practice, enabling it to better serve its corporate and law-firm clients. 29 Evidence Exchange professionals will be added to AlixPartners’ team and its two co-founders will join as Managing Directors.

Evidence Exchange is an in 1999 established litigation- and investigation-support firm that is focussed on the New York City market. The firm offers advanced solutions for today’s most complex e-discovery tasks and addresses a wide range of technical issues that frequently confront parties in litigation, such as encryption, embedded files, encoding, foreign language characters, metadata capture, and hidden text.

In line with its ambition to significantly expand its global e-discovery and litigation-support practice, global business consulting firm AlixPartners has decided to poach Evidence Exchange. The acquisition will boost the firm’s e-discovery services in what is dubbed the most important litigation market in the world. “The addition of the Evidence Exchange team enables AlixPartners to better serve corporate and law-firm clients both within the critical New York City market and throughout the $4.5 billion global e-discovery-services industry,” says Fred Crawford, CEO at AlixPartners.

AlixPartners buys New York-based Evidence Exchange

As part of the merger, 29 senior professionals will be added to AlixPartners’ team, as well as two data centres, located in Leesburg, Virginia and Dallas, Texas, to AlixPartners’ global data-centre footprint. “The merger brings together experienced practitioners and two innovative, entrepreneurial, results-oriented corporate cultures dedicated to using innovative tools and technologies to deliver cost-effective and leading-edge litigation and investigation services to both corporations and law firms,” comments Crawford.

Evidence Exchange founders Michael Prounis and Myron Eagle will join AlixPartners as Managing Directors in the firm’s Information Management Services business. Both see great opportunities arising from the merger. “This merger gives our clients access to AlixPartners’ global footprint and broad suite of information-governance services areas, including areas important to corporations and litigators, such as data analytics, cyber security, and computer forensics and information-life-cycle management,” explains Prounis.