Healthcare advisory AbedGraham partners with BridgeHead Software

15 June 2016 3 min. read

AbedGraham, a London-based IT advisory and technology firm for UK’s healthcare sector, has struck an alliance with BridgeHead Software, an international provider of health data management solutions. The two firms will co-develop offerings, and AbedGraham co-founder Saif Abed will take on the role of Clinical Safety Officer for BridgeHead Software.

Founded in 2011, by clinical experts Saif Abed and Alexander Graham, AbedGraham is an IT advisory firm that provides strategic, operational and risk consultancy services to medium to large healthcare IT/infrastructure vendors and healthcare providers in the UK, Ireland and Middle East. Clients of the London-based firm include blue chip organisations such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Imprivata. AbedGraham focuses purely on clinical matters – its team is made up of staff from various clinical backgrounds – primary care, the acute setting and mental health.

Founding Partner Abed recently revealed that the consultancy has agreed to enter into a strategic partnership with BridgeHead Software, one of the globe’s larger providers of software solutions to the healthcare industry. The company, established in 1994, serves more than 1,200 hospitals worldwide, with 1 in 5 North American hospitals leveraging its suite of data management tools.

AbedGraham and BridgeHead Software strike alliance

As part of the deal, AbedGraham will support BridgeHead Software with tailoring its software solutions to further meet the needs of clinicians and, ultimately, patients. “With the help and advice of AbedGraham, we will be able to maximise patient safety through the roll-out of new technology whilst, at the same time, minimising clinical risk,” says Jim Beagle, President and CEO of BridgeHead Software. The move will, in the long term, also benefit BridgeHead’s commercial footprint, says Beagle, stating that AbedGraham’s expertise will enable the firm to prepare and capitalise on the growing market potential presented by “national policy guidelines.” Across mature markets, such as the UK and US, governments are, for instance, bolstering their drive towards digitisation (e.g. digitisation of patient records), exploring e-Health initiatives and launching measures that further integrate health and social care against a backdrop of increased funding pressures.

Abed highlights Britain’s market as an example: “The UK’s healthcare environment is on the cusp of major change. The ending of national contracts, the, the joining up of health and social care, patient access to records, paperless and integrated care all present considerable opportunity for the right vendors with the right products.” Beagle states: “The partnership will ensure that BridgeHead Software’s products and services capitalise on the growing market potential presented by national initiatives.”

“We will work with BridgeHead Software to ensure its products are in line with national policy, but also that they are fine tuned for clinical workflow and user experience,” adds Abed. To support the alliance’s objectives, co-founder Abed will assume the role of Clinical Safety Officer for BridgeHead Software.