KPMG Capital buys stake in US-based Bottlenose

10 December 2014 2 min. read
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Investment fund KPMG Capital has acquired an equity share in enterprise trend detection firm Bottlenose. Under the investment, KPMG member firms will be licensed to use the capabilities of Bottlenose’s strategic insights application Nerve Center. Terms and conditions have not been disclosed.

Bottlenose, also known as Bottlenose, is an in 2010 founded US-based enterprise trend detection and monitoring solution company that analyses social media and business data to detect trends for brands. The firm can automatically identify actionable patterns in streams of data from multiple sources in real-time, and provide a cross-correlated view of the trends that can affect a client’s business.

KPMG Capital is an investment fund for KPMG member firms, which seeks cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships, acquisitions and top talent. KPMG Capital’s investment in the trend intelligence firm is its latest step to accelerate innovations in data and analytics and bring them to market. Mark Toon, CEO of KPMG Capital, explains: “Businesses should not underestimate the sheer volume, velocity, and variety of real-time data streams. Real-time streaming data of all types is putting huge pressure on decision makers to be able to appropriately and effectively address present trends that could materially affect their organizations now or in the very near future.”

KPMG Capital buys equity stake in Bottlenose

Under the agreement, KPMG Capital buys a substantial equity share in Bottlenose and also secures a license for KPMG member firms to use and deploy the advanced capabilities of ‘Nerve Center’. Nerve Center is a Bottlenose application that helps companies investigate, assess and address present, historical, and emerging trends that may impact the most critical growth, risk and performance areas of their business.

Mark Toon, KPMG Capital and Mark Goodburn KPMG Advisory

“KPMG Capital’s investment in Bottlenose is an important step in augmenting our member firms’ ability to help address client issues across the enterprise. Providing clients access to a tool that can detect and monitor emerging developments as they occur can greatly enhance decision making,” comments Toon. “The forces shaping business today are multiple and significant; business leaders need the means to harness and optimize data in real-time to respond quickly to potential impacts to their organizations. KPMG Capital’s investment in next-wave analytics companies such as Bottlenose supports our strategic direction with Data & Analytics, which is to empower KPMG professionals to deliver solutions and insights that can have an immediate and positive effect on our clients’ businesses,” adds Mark Goodburn, KPMG’s Global Head of Advisory.