Deloitte Digital Salesforce hires Titanium Fire staff

04 December 2014 1 min. read
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Deloitte Digital, the digital agency and consultancy of Deloitte, has hired employees from Titanium Fire, who will join its global Salesforce team, to further strengthen Deloitte's market leading position in the sector. Titanium’s two founders will join as Directors.

Titanium Fire is a premium Salesforce boutique consultancy for insurance services that has over 10 years of experience in implementing Salesforce. During this decade, the firm has worked with global companies in 24 countries and delivered solutions to over 20,000 employees. The Titanium Fire team holds 54 certifications in relevant cloud technologies.

Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce team is part of the consulting firm’s alliance with Salesforce and helps it to meet the emerging needs of its clients through the provision of social and mobile cloud computing technologies.

Deloitte Digital hired Titanium Fire staff

As part of the deal, 21 people from Titanium Fire will join Deloitte Digital’s global Salesforce team, currently consisting of 2,000 people. Stephen Pollard and Alison Gordon-Pollard, Titanium Fire’s co-founders, will join as Directors. “With the UK Salesforce market growing over 33% year-on-year, this addition to our team will further cement Deloitte’s market leading position in the sector. Titanium Fire’s extensive experience and specialist skills will complement our existing advisory and technology services and expertise,” comments Phillip Ludlow, Deloitte Digital’s UK Salesforce Lead Partner.