PwC: Only 1% of car buyers would buy an electric car

28 November 2014 1 min. read
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Buying a climate friendly car is not a top priority for potential car buyers in the UK, shows a recent car survey by PwC. The survey shows that as consumers are not willing to give in on comfort and design, they are delegating the responsibility for climate protection to the manufacturers.

Professional services firm PwC recently released the results of a survey it held among 500 potential car buyers in the UK with intentions to buy a new car for personal use within the next year. Of the respondents, 99% stated they would not consider an electric car and only 13% said to be interested in buying a hybrid car. The vast majority of respondents (62%) stated their preference for a conventional petrol or diesel engine, on top of this, a mere 15% believe that driving less is a realistic resolution for the future, and almost two-thirds would not consider avoiding large cars, such as SUVs.

PwC - environmental concerns low ranked

According to PwC, these outcomes show that environmental concerns are ranked low among UK car buyers that do not appear willing to cut back on their driving or change their buying habits for the sake of climate protection. The consulting firm states that consumers expect manufacturers to develop cars that meet a balance between environmental protection, comfort and design.  “Customers expect manufacturers to shoulder the burden of ensuring their next car has minimal impact on the environment, but they remain less likely to opt for hybrids or electric cars themselves,” explains Phil Harrold, Partner Automotive Practice PwC.